Supply Chain Trends: How the tractor classifieds keep you moving

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Our world is changing, and supply chain logistics are part of that change. Have you been keeping up with the latest trends in your shipping company? If you haven’t, you might get left behind. But wherever your business falls, our tractor classifieds can help you keep your drivers going and profits rolling in. Here’s a quick look at the latest trucking industry trends and how our ads can help you keep ahead of the changes.

Supply Chain Trends: How the tractor classifieds keep you moving

  • Nobody knows where trucking policy is going. We’ve got a new president, and apparently he’s willing to shake things up to get the job done. Unfortunately, this makes it somewhat difficult to predict where trucking policy will go. Are we going to see more regulations to ensure safety or loosening of regulations to make more business happen? Whether you need to sell or buy more equipment, our ads are ready for you.
  • E-logging is here to stay. Though it’s taken a while for the regulations to come into play, all trucking companies are required to have this capability by the end of 2017. This means if you have a few trucks sitting idle that have that capability, this is a great time to sell them and take advantage of the stronger demand. Need to get a truck with the capability already in place? Check out the ads to see what’s available and avoid paying a premium for new equipment.
  • Increased freight demand. The recovery has fortunately entered a state of solid recovery, which means that consumer confidence is up and people are looking at replacing items that were left alone during the depths of the recession. As this demand continues to grow strongly, do you have the trucks and drivers available to meet that demand and profit from it? At the same time, the recession has made many trucking companies cautious about investing in new equipment due to the slow pace of the recovery. Used tractors make a great investment while lowering your overall risk.
  • Reefers are on the rise. Between increased interest in healthy food products that are fresh or frozen, increased indulgence in what became luxury foods during the recession and lower overall fuel costs, the demand for refrigerated shipping is remaining very strong. At the same time, the new e-logging regulations put driver time at a premium. This means you’ll need more trucks and drivers to keep your reefer trailers moving and profitable. Picking up a few used tractors help you stay ahead of the game.
  • The future has companies working together. A new trend that is sweeping strongly across all industries is digitization, which is shaking up the status quo. But one aspect of digitization that is appearing time and again is collaboration between businesses. Instead of operating strictly independently, you’ll form partnerships with companies up and down the supply chain to improve profitability, reduce fuel costs and create an overall better consumer experience. Used equipment is a great way to make these partnerships work for a lower investment.

By using the tractor classifieds to sell or buy equipment, you can make sure your business will continue to thrive even in the changing and unknown conditions facing the trucking industry. The classified ads on our site help you get the right price for the equipment you’re trying to buy or sell while giving you a longer time period that may otherwise be available through online services.

Find what you need in our metalworking equipment classifieds

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When you’re having trouble finding a specific piece of metal working machinery, it can seem easier to just buy new and pay the penalty of a significantly higher cost. At, we understand your dilemma! Many of our clients are seeking or selling very specialized equipment and want to wait for the right buyer or seller to get exactly what they need. For this reason, we’ve developed our metalworking equipment classifieds to help you in the process. Here’s how it works.

Find what you need in our metalworking equipment classifieds

If you’re looking for metalworking equipment that fills a shop’s general needs, it’s often much easier to find what you need. But what about when you have very specific needs for your shop equipment? You may need a particular press that already has similar tooling to what you need to avoid excessive costs. Maybe the brake you’re looking for fits a very small range of specifications and you need a particular manufacturer and model to make that happen. You could have a project that requires a very fine degree of precision that requires used equipment be tested prior to purchase. Whatever your reason, you’re quite possibly having a hard time finding exactly what you need, even through auctions.

Fortunately, we know your pain. We’ve developed a equipment classified ad section to our website that is completely free. It’s much like Craigslist, but is focused specifically on equipment that you need for your business. How is this more helpful than the equipment auction side of our site? Imagine you need to sell a very specialized piece of metalworking machinery. You could offer it on an online auction, but even with the longer amount of time that these auctions run compared to live auctions, you’d still only have a limited amount of time before your equipment is either sold for a lower price or doesn’t sell at all.

By comparison, when you create a classified ad for that machinery, you can run it for a much longer period of time and wait for the right buyer to make a deal. That means you’ll be much more likely to sell the machinery for the price you want instead of having to settle for a lower price from someone who may not be able to receive the full benefit of the machinery. This works especially well when you have a little spare space to store the equipment for a few weeks or months while your ad runs on our site. Along the same notion, if you’re trying to buy a specific piece of metal working machinery, you may not want to have to constantly wade through auctions that never quite seem to have what you really need. You can simply check through classified ads and respond to those that actually meet your needs.

By taking a few minutes to check or place an ad in our metalworking equipment classifieds, you can reach out to an extensive network of equipment owners who are often in the same boat you are, allowing you to find the exact equipment you need instead of settling for second best. It’s easy to open an account and our classified ads are always free, giving you no excuse to leave that old equipment sitting around, waiting for the perfect buyer or seller to get what you really need.

Have You Taken a Look at Our Heavy Equipment Classifieds?

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At, we’ve been proud to provide a marketplace for businesses from across the country to sell machinery that may otherwise be difficult to sell due to regional limitations or highly specific equipment. But not everyone likes to use an auction format to sell their equipment. For that reason, we’ve opened our Heavy Equipment Classifieds, a section of our website that allows you to list your equipment for sale without having to work within the constraints of an auction. Here are some details about how it works.

Have You Taken a Look at Our Heavy Equipment Classifieds?

We know that sometimes when you need to sell a piece of equipment, you’re waiting for the right buyer. Sometimes it can take a while to find the perfect fit, often longer than it would in even an online auction. You’re wiling to wait for the right deal, and you know that can take time. This is one of the areas where the heavy machinery classifieds can help.

You can take the time to look for the exact right equipment that reduces your need to retrofit or retool a piece of machinery, which can often be a very costly proposition. You can wait for the right buyer, often for many months, giving you the opportunity to sell your equipment for a better profit. You can ask more questions, take the time to wait for fluid analysis or similar testing and really be assured that you’re investing in a high-quality piece of equipment that will give you years of reliable service.

It’s easy to start using the heavy machinery classifieds. There’s no charge, so it’s kind of like Craigslist, but with a much tighter focus. You won’t have a hundred amateurs asking what three-phase power is or other questions that you shouldn’t have to waste your time with. Instead, you’ll be dealing with quality buyers and sellers who know their business and their equipment, making it much easier to convey the condition and features of your particular piece of machinery.

To get started, just select the classifieds section that best matches your needs. Take the time to peruse the listings to find the perfect equipment for your situation. Send the seller a message, asking about particular aspects or condition of the machine in question. Negotiate on the price if you feel it’s a little high. All these actions are easy to manage through the user interface, which is designed for ease of use and intuitive layout.

If you’re ready to sell a piece of equipment, just sign up for a site account and work up your description. We’d encourage you to be as thorough as possible, so that prospective buyers can get the information they need to determine whether your equipment is a good fit for their situation. Take a lot of pictures to show the equipment in full extension and to convey the quality of its condition.

We’re proud to be able to provide our heavy equipment classifieds to the industry as another way to move equipment that has outlived its usefulness. Whether you use our online equipment auctions or the equipment classifieds, we’re here to help you buy and sell the best equipment you need to improve your business’ bottom line.

Use our industrial equipment classifieds to upgrade your production line

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As the economy as a whole is beginning to gain serious momentum, many businesses are gearing up to take advantage of that growth. Is your company among them? If it isn’t, you may discover that you’ve lost part of your market share down the road. But how do you improve your production with tougher loan terms in effect or when you’re trying to avoid financing your new expansion all together? Here are a few ways our industrial equipment classifieds can help you get the productivity you need without breaking the bank.

Use our industrial equipment classifieds to upgrade your production line

Before the advent of the internet, you had two choices when you needed to buy or sell equipment for your production line. You could go to a live auction, where the equipment may or may not be in the best condition, or you could work with a broker, who may or may not give you the best price. Add to that the specialization you need in that equipment and you could spend months looking for equipment or buying equipment that was too high in price or too low in quality.

As more people and businesses became familiar with the internet, auction and classified ad sites began to spring up. However, these general sites often attract people who are only looking for the lowest possible price or to get what money they can out of equipment that they may not even be familiar with. You might find or sell equipment through these sites, but it requires a great deal of effort to keep up with the shear number of auctions or ads that were being run, and you may or may not find what you’re looking for after all your work.

At, we began our site to help businesses find or sell the equipment that was vital to their industry. We provided a specialized site where only industry-specific equipment could be listed, making it easier to wade through a smaller amount of auctions while providing the details you need to make a smart decision on a piece of equipment. But it still wasn’t enough. Some of our customers had very specialized industrial equipment that took longer to sell or that they were willing to wait for the right buyer or perfect piece of equipment before entering a transaction.

For this reason, we’ve developed our classified ads section, which allows you to run an ad to sell or search for particular equipment for a longer period of time. This means the people who have what you want are coming to you, instead of having to constantly monitor online auctions, allowing you to focus on what you do best – run your business.

As you can see, our industrial equipment classifieds provide you with a range of options that would otherwise remain unavailable, allowing you to grow your business under your terms. Taking advantage of used equipment available online lets you realize substantial growth without risking your business. If you’re ready to look at what’s available in our classified ads or are interested in placing a free ad to buy or sell the equipment you need to move, it’s as easy as registering for an account and placing your first classified.

Wait for your asking price with our crane classifieds

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When you’ve got a crane, you’ve invested a lot of money in a piece of hard-working equipment to help get the job done. But when it’s time to retire that equipment from your operation, how can you ensure you can get the amount it’s worth? One option is to take a look at our crane classifieds. As a recent addition to our website, many people have been unaware of this free service we offer to our viewers. Here’s how you can get your asking price for your crane by using our classified ads to find the right buyer.

Wait for your asking price with our crane classifieds

You know about what your crane is worth and are willing to wait to get the right amount. But how do you get the word out to prospective  buyers who are willing to pay a pretty penny for your well-maintained used machinery? You could list your crane in a local paper, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll find the right buyer in your area, plus you’ll often have to pay the expense of running the advertisement whether you’re able to sell the crane or not. If there’s a regional paper that has a section for heavy equipment, you could use that, but will often end up with the same result as the local paper by leading to an expense that will cost you time to arrange and may or may not result in a crane sale.

But what about Craigslist and free advertisement sites? Though you may get some interest from such an ad, the general nature of the audience of this type of ad means that you’ll have a lot of people, often homeowners or hobbyists, who are looking for a bargain. What’s more, your ad will quickly be moved from the front search pages of the site as new advertisements take its place at the head of the queue. You could keep it in this position by reposting the ad, but that will also cut into time better spent getting work done.

When you work with a website that specializes in heavy equipment, you know that the people who are visiting that site are coming to look at that type of equipment specifically. That means when you place an advertisement on that site, you’re getting a narrower audience who already have an interest in what you’re selling. Some sites offer this service to help companies move their old equipment, but charge a high fee to list the advertisement. At, we don’t think that’s right. For that reason, in addition to our popular machinery auction service, we’re happy to add our free crane classified ads to help you find the right buyer for your equipment.

By using our crane classifieds, you can ensure that you’ll get the right price by finding the perfect buyer for your used equipment. Better yet, it’s completely free and allows you to reach potential buyers who are interested specifically in heavy equipment. If you have equipment that you need to sell but want to wait for a good price, why not try out our classified ad system.

Discover the right machinery through our woodworking equipment classifieds

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When you’re trying to find a buyer for your woodworking equipment or need to purchase a specific piece of machinery yourself, you can often find yourself looking for a long time and feeling as though you’re wasting a lot of time that would be better spent working with lumber. We understand your pain! Because this can be a serious issue, we’ve launched our new woodworking equipment classifieds on our site, giving you the convenience of a long-term ad with the focus of a machinery-only website. Learn more about this free new service below.

Discover the right machinery through our woodworking equipment classifieds

When your business or hobby is serious woodworking, it can be really difficult to find the exact equipment you need. When you have high quality equipment that is somewhat specialized for what you’re doing, finding the right buyer who is willing to pay what those features are worth can be just as tough a task. How do you connect with the right person for your equipment needs?

You could spend a lot of time working through auctions, either online or live, over the course of several weeks or months. But that can take time you don’t have while still leaving you without the equipment you need. You could sell equipment through one of these auctions, but if it’s specialized machinery, you may not get the amount you think your equipment is worth because nobody is looking for those features at that time.

You could look at general online classified ad sites like Craigslist, but you’ll need to perform the same searches again and again over a wide geographical area and sort through tons of listings that catch your interest but don’t have what you need in the end. It’s really frustrating spending that much time trying to buy or sell equipment without getting any solid results. At, we’ve developed a better option.

Our equipment classified ads provide you with a way of reaching only people who are buying or selling equipment. You don’t need to wade through tons of advertisements for a child’s toy saw made of wood, hobbyist equipment that won’t meet your needs or offers to sell you equipment that isn’t even remotely what you’re trying to find. You can simply create an ad for the equipment you’re selling or that you’re trying to find and can rest assured that other professionals are perusing those same ads, giving you a higher quality lead for the sale or purchase of equipment.

Okay, you’re saying, but how much is this going to cost me? That’s the great part – nothing. Because we recognize that this is one of the harder parts of your business or hobby, we’re willing to provide this service for free. There’s no cost for the equipment ads you place, whether they’re to sell that huge lathe you’ve been turning bowls on or to buy that exact router table you need to up your production speed.

Finding the right buyer or seller is much easier when you use our woodworking equipment classifieds, so what’s holding you back? Our free service is easy to use and is ready and waiting for you.

Long Haul, Short Haul, Specialty Haul: Find it in the Truck Classifieds

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When you’re trying to find a truck for your business, it can be hard to find the specific truck you need. Do you just need something small to move trailers around the lot or to another lot in town? Do you need serious long haul semis that will give your drivers the comfort and features they need to keep going for thousands of miles? Maybe you just need something to make day runs around your region. Whatever you need in a truck, there’s definitely one great place to find them: our new truck classifieds.

Long Haul, Short Haul, Specialty Haul: Find it in the Truck Classifieds

As you’re looking for new trucks for your operation or need to get older trucks out of your fleet, there’s one thing you’ll always run across. Finding the right buyer or seller is a difficult process, especially if you’re looking for a specific piece of equipment. You can spend a lot of time looking at auctions, but may not find equipment that meets your specifications. There could be a great deal of competition for that type of truck in your area, making it hard to find quality equipment at a reasonable price. Where do you turn when you strike out or don’t have a lot of time to invest in the search?

If you’re looking for a one-seat truck to move trailers back and forth on your lot or across town, you might have a hard time finding these specialty rigs. If you need particular options to ensure better run times or higher fuel efficiency, you may not be able to find them in the area. If your drivers spend long hours on the road with few towns between destinations, having a truck with plenty of amenities help make their rig seem more like home and keeps your drivers happier. But how do you find trucks that meet those specifications?

Our truck classified ads provide a place for buyers and sellers to get together over a vast distance. Instead of having to rely on the local dealership to maybe get in what you need or move your older equipment, you can instantly connect with buyers and sellers across the country or even around the world. This allows you to make deals for that equipment without spending a lot of time and effort in the process.

Are you considering upgrading your fleet? Our classified ads allow you to sell your older equipment as you reach a wide range of interested parties. Need to get a replacement for a truck that has been wrecked? We can help find you a match. Have older equipment that is taking up space? Even if it’s not directly related to trucking, you may be able to find a home for it through the free classified ads on our website.

By taking a few minutes to look at what’s available or place a wanted ad for the exact truck you need, you can quickly find the truck you need without having to spend a lot of time hunting around for it. If you’re ready to buy or sell a semi and need to quickly reach an audience of potential buyers and sellers within a short amount of time, our new truck classifieds is a great way to approach the problem.