Features to consider when looking at used excavators for sale

used excavators for sale

When you’re considering used excavators for sale, it’s easy to get caught up in just getting one purchased. But there are a number of features you should take into account before you sign on that dotted line! Here’s a quick look at common excavator features, why they’re important and what they can do for your business.

Features to consider when looking at used excavators for sale

  • To start with, what is the excavator based on? Some excavators are added to a standard tractor frame, typically using a three-point hitch and PTO. Others can include a dedicated backhoe on a tired frame while others use tracked crawlers to better maneuver in difficult environments. Keep your end use in mind when deciding on which base to go with.
  • Think about multiple modes. Some excavators have economy and power modes to conserve energy, while others have digging and lifting modes that help prioritize power to the particular areas of the excavator that need it for those functions. Looking for excavators that can adapt to different conditions give you more versatility in the field.
  • Consider attachments. Some excavators today have the ability to change out a large number of attachments.  But more recently, with the addition of more onboard electronics, you can now switch modes to deal with up to 20 different attachment types, allowing you to get the most out of every attachment you use on the job site.
  • Look for internal monitoring capability. Digitization is becoming a larger factor in construction, excavation and similar industries. Newer machines have sensors to monitor a number of areas, including temperature, strain on the frame and similar aspects. These in turn provide you with a little insurance to ensure the excavator isn’t abused on the job site.
  • Think about autonomy. Concerned that your workers won’t read the instruction manual or use the right mode when it’s needed? Some of the newest excavators on the market have a variety of autonomous features that allow the excavator to determine the right settings for the job at hand without external input.
  • Look for a great monitor. Sure, you’re never going to watch the Superbowl on the thing, but being able to get your sausage-fingered foreman to be able to use a touchscreen monitor readily, you’re going to want to look for a larger screen. In addition, a larger screen also often represents a better screen resolution, even when the screen in question isn’t a touchscreen, as it provides better clarity.
  • Get comfortable. The days of sitting for hours on a hard seat while reaching for awkward controls is past. When your workers spend all day in a cab, having an ergonomic layout, comfortable seats and easy to reach controls can make a big difference between a worker cutting corners, causing an accident, and an alert, aware worker who can spend a great deal of time just getting the job done.

By taking the time to consider features available on used excavators for sale, it’s much easier to ensure you get the machine you really want and will meet your needs down the road. Take a few minutes to prioritize what really matters, then start looking. If you can’t find the right excavator to meet your needs, today’s online auctions can provide you with all the information you need to make a smart buy.


What are the Different Kinds of Used Dump Trucks for Sale?

used dump trucks for sale

When you’re looking at used dump trucks for sale, it’s easy to just pick the first one that comes along. But as with many aspects of heavy machinery, dump trucks come in a wide range of types, allowing you to select the best one for the job. However, you first need to know what different types are available and what kind of features you should watch for when making a purchase.

What are the Different Kinds of Used Dump Trucks for Sale?

  • Standard: When you think of dump trucks, this is almost always what comes to mind. It involves a standard truck chassis with a mounted rear dump body on the frame. It uses hydraulics at the front of the dump body to raise it up and dump the material out the back.
  • Semi Trailer End Dump: Working well to move large loads, this type consists of a semi and a two-axle trailer. The trailer incorporates a hydraulic hoist to dump the load out of the back of the trailer.
  • Transfer: A transfer truck has a standard dump truck with a trailer that has a removable cargo box. This allows the maneuverability of a standard truck with the additional capacity of the removable box. Once the load has been removed from the dump bed in the standard truck, the cargo container from the trailer can then be slid into the dump body for placement on site.
  • Truck and Pup: Similar to a transfer truck, a truck and pup is different in that the trailer dump box has its own hydraulic ram, allowing it to be unloaded independently. This cuts out the time required to transfer the trailer dump box into the standard dump truck’s box for unloading.
  • Superdump: Superdumps have an additional trailing axle in the rear of the body, allowing them to better spread weight out and increase the overall hauling weight of the truck.
  • Semi Trailer Bottom Dump: Much like a rear-dump semi tractor, a bottom dump has a standard semi with a specialized two-axle trailer that features a clamshell dump gate underneath the trailer, allowing it to dump material in a linear fashion.
  • Side Dump: A side dump works well in tight quarters, especially when filling road grades along side a new construction. Unlike rear dumps, they pivot the dump body on the long axis, allowing the material to be deposited to the side of the truck.
  • Winter Service: With the need to spread salt or sand as well as plow the roads, there’s very good reason why most winter service vehicles are based on the standard dump truck, with additional features for the plow in front and spreading material behind.
  • Roll-Off: A roll-off has the hoist and frame, but no box. Instead, it picks up removable containers, transfers and dumps them, then places them back on site or into storage.
  • Haul: Available in standard and articulated varieties, haul dumps are typically only used off road to move massive amounts of material. They can be used to haul up to 450 metric tons per load.

By looking at the different types of used dump trucks for sale, you can ensure you’re getting the right equipment for the project. At the same time, this allows you to work better and more efficiently than when you choose the wrong type of equipment for your job. But what if your ideal dump truck isn’t readily available in your area? Many people find online auctions or classifieds to be an excellent source of hard to find equipment.

What Should You Look for When Inspecting Used Dozers for Sale?

used dozers for sale

Whether you’re in construction, quarry or other industry that demands solid equipment, there’s no doubt that buying used dozers for sale can provide you with significant savings. But one thing that often holds companies back from making these smart purchases is not knowing whether the bulldozer they’re looking at is a great buy or a real lemon. The easiest way to discover this is through an inspection. But what should you look at and what should it look like? Here’s how to tell:

What Should You Look for When Inspecting Used Dozers for Sale?

  • Start with the records. Does the seller have the original details of their purchase? Do they have a log of all the maintenance and repairs performed on the dozer? Do they have documentation of any kits or similar upgrades that show they keep the dozer’s performance within manufacturer’s specifications? You can learn a lot about how a dozer was handled just based on a few pieces of paper.
  • Do a walk around. Are there any liquids on the ground under the dozer? These could indicate a leak. Are there any signs of damage, such as repainted sections, dents or welded repairs? If so, make sure the repair will actually allow the dozer to function fully and doesn’t compromise its structural integrity. What about the undercarriage? Are there signs of abuse? If so, the dozer may not deliver on your expectations.
  • Check out the cab. Is the cab in good repair? Do the numbers on the meter seem reasonable for the cab’s condition? Is there more wear than you’d expect compared to the meter? If the meter and the condition of the controls don’t add up, the meter may have been tampered with. Ask for a reasonable explanation from the seller as to the cab’s condition if there’s a discrepancy.
  • Start it up. Does it start easily or require a lot of cranking to turn over? A problem with starting could represent system issues. Does the exhaust look normal, or is there a black or bluish tint to the smoke? This type of coloration could indicate that the engine is getting water or oil in the combustion chamber.
  • Crack the hood. Does the engine seem to be running normally? Are there any out of place vibrations, noises or knocking happening? These can indicate a number of different issues. Does the rubber on the hoses or belts seem to be in good condition? If it’s dry rotted or cracking, it could fail when you’re using it unless they’re replaced. Account for these numbers in your offer.
  • Check for movement. Put the dozer through its paces. Is it binding up at pivot points? Will it not reach the full range of motion because of hydraulics issues? When you’re inspecting a dozer that doesn’t have full range of motion, make sure you know the cause. If it’s repairable, make sure to include the cost in your offer for the equipment.

By taking the time to inspect used dozers for sale, you’re much less likely to end up with a lemon that just costs you money. But what if you’re considering buying a dozer online? The same areas can be inspected by requesting more photos, video or similar documentation of the dozer’s condition. Don’t let distance hold you back from making an awesome deal.

What are kinds of different used cranes for sale?

used cranes for sale

When you need to look for used cranes for sale to update or expand your operation, do you know what kind of crane you should be looking for? Sure, all cranes lift heavy or bulky objects, but sometimes knowing exactly which kind of crane you should use for your situation can allow your crew to work more effectively and efficiently. Let’s take a quick look at the different type of cranes that are available for your purposes.

What are kinds of different used cranes for sale?

  • Standard: A standardized crane is one that is required to be broken down to be transported. If you’ve seen a crane being carried by a big rig, this is usually the type of crane in question. It’s commonly used for construction and moving heavy or bulky objects in tight spaces, but doesn’t have a lot of mobility. It will require time to set up and break down to move it between locations.
  • Mobile: When you see a crane being driven down a road, that’s a mobile crane. This type of crane typically has a limit on how much weight it can lift and how far out from the crane cab and base. It will often include outriggers, pads that can be placed on the ground away from the crane using hydraulics to provide additional stability and security. Though they are somewhat limited in their use, this type of crane is very popular on construction sites due to its easy mobility.
  • Overhead: When you need to move very heavy material or objects, an overhead crane is a common option to consider. Often operated on tracks, this type of crane is supported by heavy I-beams, allowing it to pick an item straight up and then move it to one side or another. It’s a very popular type of crane in logistics, where ships, trains or tractor trailers need to be loaded or unloaded very quickly.
  • Aerial: An aerial crane is essentially a helicopter that has some higher level of lifting capacity than your typical pleasure, law enforcement or emergency response craft. The helicopter is rigged with a number of devices to help in the lifting process. This makes it a good option in very rough or remote terrain, where other forms of transportation are either too distant or unable to deal with the rugged terrain.
  • Crane Vessel: A crane vessel or floating crane offers a range of options near waterways. When a bridge is constructed or other project requires a crane in an area where there is fragile wetlands ecosystems or insufficient room to place or operate another type of crane, this type of crane is used. It’s mounted on a set of floats or a barge, which is then brought into position via a waterway.

As you can see, knowing what to look for when considering different used cranes for sale can make all the difference between getting a solid workhorse that will get the job done and trying to make due with a used crane that really isn’t intended for the task you have in mind. If you can’t find the right crane in your local area, why not take a look and see what online auctions or classified ads have available? The increased selection can help ensure you get the right crane for the job.

How to Inspect Used Construction Equipment for Sale

used construction equipment for sale

When you run a construction company, you’re used to running on tight margins. One way you can improve profitability is by purchasing used construction equipment for sale. But when you’re buying used, you have a bigger responsibility to make sure that the equipment you’re purchasing will stand up to the work you’ll need it to accomplish in daily use. But how do you inspect used construction machinery? Here are a few tips on what to look for to help get you started.

How to Inspect Used Construction Equipment for Sale

When it comes to most used construction equipment, there are a few things you should check that are in common across the board:

  • Maintenance and legal records: Is there a maintenance log or other documentation that shows that the equipment has been well maintained in the past? If so, this goes a long way to understanding the type of care the machinery has had over the years.
  • Structural soundness: Are there bends, cracks or welded repairs anywhere on the frame? If there are, it could be signs that the machinery was overloaded in the past and may not be structurally sound for your purposes. Make sure to ask about any damage you see to have a better understanding of the equipment’s history.
  • Engine/motor: Does the engine turn over easily and remain running or does it take a while to start or die out quickly? This will tell you a great deal about the condition of the engine. What about emissions – is there smoke, either black or gray, coming out after the equipment has warmed up? These could indicate there is a problem with oil or water in the reaction.
  • Transmission: Does the equipment shift easily in and out of gear? Does it have power going up a slope or when hauling a load? If you have the opportunity, see if a fluid test has been run on the transmission fluid and learn what condition it was in, as this will tell you a great deal about the condition of the machinery.
  • Brakes: Do the brakes see to have plenty of power behind them or do they need to be pushed to the floor before they bite? If the brakes are spongy or have virtually no stopping power, you’ll need to consider the cost of replacement when you negotiate on the purchase price of the machinery.
  • Hydraulics: The hydraulics are the muscle that makes the machine work. Are there any signs of weakness, dry rot or in the hydraulics lines? What about the tracks, chains and pistons? Are they in good condition or are they unable to move freely due to bends or warping? Without this system in good condition, it can make an otherwise decent piece of machinery useless.
  • Cab: Does the cab appear to have more wear and tear than the hour or mileage meter seems to allow for? If it does, it could be either the sign of a machine that has been badly abused or one that has had its meter tampered with. Either of these could be the sign of a machine that may not give you the best service.

By taking the time to inspect potential used construction equipment for sale, you can ensure that you’re not going to receive any unexpected surprises once the equipment has been purchased. When you follow these simple steps, you’ll be able to actively inspect equipment and better evaluate its overall condition for your purposes.

Used Backhoes for Sale – 5 Tips to Help You Choose Wisely

used backhoes for sale

You know that a backhoe is an important piece of equipment for your business. After all, the flexibility of this machine is incredible, making it useful for construction, demolition, transportation of materials and landscaping. However, purchasing a backhoe is a major investment. Buying this equipment used can save you a lot of money and still provide you with exactly what you need to keep your business running smoothly. We have put together a few simple tips to help you when you start browsing used backhoes for sale.

  • Inspect – If you purchase online, you may not be able to see the equipment in person. However, you can still use photographs or videos to visually inspect the equipment. Are any teeth missing from the scoop? Does the machine look well cared for? Is the motor clean? Does it look like the cab will suffice for your use? These are all questions you need to ask yourself as you inspect and prepare to purchase.
  • Consider the Reach – What type of reach do you need? Clearly, not every job is the same. Will the standard arm option work or will the extendahoe option be required?  If it is required, is it included or how much will it cost you to purchase it from the manufacturer. Understanding all the details regarding this and knowing if you will have additional purchases can help you make the smartest purchasing decision.
  • Remember the Tires – While you can replace the tires on a backhoe, of course, this is an expense and it may not be one that you expect to have right away. Find out if the tires included on the equipment will be sufficient for your purpose or if you will need to schedule a quick replacement. Doing this can help you make a smart purchase that will not cost you more than you expect it to.
  • Ask Questions – Make sure you ask plenty of questions about the machinery. What was it used for? Does it have certain desired features? What work has been done on it? Are all parts OEM? Think about what’s important to you and don’t be afraid to ask. An honest seller who has quality equipment available for sale should be more than happy to answer any of your questions and they will make sure you are comfortable with the item you plan to purchase.
  • Check Your Guarantee – When you are buying any used equipment, it is important to know what your rights are if the equipment isn’t working as expected. Make sure you will have recourse for repair or replacement so that you don’t find yourself out your investment. While the majority of used equipment purchases go smoothly from start to finish, it is vital that you are protected “just in case.”

Because of the savings compared to buying new, buying a used backhoe can be a great choice for your business. If you decide to purchase any used large industrial equipment, it makes sense to work with a company that knows the business. If you have questions or concerns about your future purchase, reach out to us at EquipmentAuction.com. We would love to help you find an affordable backhoe or other machinery to keep your company running smoothly.


How the Construction Equipment Classifieds Let You Grow with New Construction

construction equipment classifieds

New construction starts are on the rise. Housing starts are up 9.2% over this time last year as the construction season takes off. Total construction starts are expected to rise by 7.4% over last year. But with these changes following the strong economic issues of the recession, many contractors are not willing to invest in new equipment until the trend continues. One option that many contractors are considering is using our construction equipment classifieds to either find the equipment they need to expand their operations or sell older equipment that is taking up space. Here’s how it can benefit your contracting company.

How the Construction Equipment Classifieds Let You Grow with New Construction

When you’re in construction, you definitely have a solid grasp of the importance of time. Your client needs a project done yesterday, but without running over budget. You need to hire more crew to keep your job sites rolling, but good people are hard to find as the economy has continued to recover. The equipment you have is either inadequate for the task at hand and has to be replaced by an upgraded machine, must be returned to the rental place or can’t be purchased for a reasonable rate locally. How do you keep up with the demands on your time?

In addition, trying to get the construction equipment you need costs time. The inadequate equipment doesn’t work fast enough. The rental isn’t available soon enough. Going to an endless stream of dealers and auctions just wastes your time as they want too much money or don’t have the equipment you need. What’s the solution to these problems?

Four words: check out our classifieds.

Do you need to grow your construction business and need the equipment to do so, but don’t have the time to babysit live or online auctions to do so? Tired of going to check out equipment offered locally just to find out that it’s worn out, broken or just not what you need? Do you need to upgrade to replacement equipment but don’t have the time to sell the older equipment that it’s replacing? The heavy equipment classifieds are ready to help.

For free, at absolutely no cost to you, you can find the equipment you need, place a want ad for the equipment you can’t find or place an ad to sell the construction equipment you are no longer putting to use. If you need a particular crane that you can’t find locally, a quick glance at the classified ads tells you whether there’s one available. Placing an ad for that specific grader means businesses that have exactly what you need are reaching out to contact you. Instead of wasting time, put up a few pictures and details to get that old skid steer sold.

When you need to get machinery to keep your operation moving forward and growing, our construction equipment classifieds can help. The classifieds provide you with options for listing older equipment so that you can upgrade to newer machinery or invest in additional manpower. If you need to get additional machinery or to upgrade your existing machinery, you can find the machinery you need or post an ad looking for the exact equipment you need in the same easy-to-use location. By using the classifieds, you can free up the assets you need to grow your business in whatever way is needed.