Machinery You Can Expect to Find at Metalworking Equipment Auctions

metalworking equipment auctions

When you’re looking for used equipment for sale to fill out your shop or business, metalworking equipment auctions can be a great way to fill in the gaps. But what are the types of metalworking equipment available at online auctions? Here are some of the basic metalworking equipment types to help you determine what you still need or want for your shop:

Types of machinery at metalworking equipment auctions

  • Lathes: A lathe holds a piece of metal for drilling, shaping or sanding. It spins the metal on a horizontal axis, allowing you to cut or sand from the outside while being able to drill the middle precisely. There is a horizontal beam to hold the piece, a headstock and tailstock, spindle, cross-slide, carriage, mandrel and faceplate. For greater precision, some models also have a vertical beam.
  • Milling Machines: Milling machines are available with a horizontal or vertical orientation, allowing for planing, drilling, cutting and contouring activities. The horizontal orientation allows for bevels and specialized cuts due to the different angles the spindle can be set while the rotary table remains fixed. The vertical orientation allows for much deeper drilling and cuts because the spindle may be raised, lowered or extended for better access.
  • Drill Presses: A drill press allows for better precision when drilling a piece, along with sanding and polishing activities. It typically has a pillar, a table, a spindle and a motor. Some drill presses allow the table to be tilted to a particular angle. Most drill presses will have a more powerful motor, a higher degree of precision and a wide range of speeds it can be operated at, making the creation process much faster and more accurate.
  • Metal Shears: Metal shears are used to cut metal, often resembling a pair of scissors for the handheld variety. Tinner’s snips typically cut sheet metal between 16-23 gauge, with aviation or compound-action shears cutting metal from 18-26 gauge weight. The angle of the blades determines whether a particular pair of shears cuts in a straight line or a line that angles to the left or right. Pneumatic versions, including shears and nibblers, are also available, but tend to remove a strip or profile of metal from the middle of the cut. They do tend to be much easier to use and control though.
  • Angle Grinders: Angle grinders are used to shape and polish metal, removing small amounts of it at a time by using discs to meet the tasks at hand. This includes sanding discs and abrasive discs, which help get the job done quickly. They tend to have larger bearings that help them hold up under the strain of grinding.
  • Welders: Available in both electric and gas varieties, welders are one of the most-used tools you’ll find at metalworking equipment auctions. They can be used to either cut or join pieces of metal. The type of welder you need should be matched to the type of work you expect to be doing, with some welders doubling as a generator.

Now that you have a better idea of what kind of equipment is available, it’s time to take stock and determine exactly which pieces of equipment you need. Online auctions can be a great source for finding used machinery for sale at a bargain price, especially because you can find the exact equipment and features you need without having to attend endless live auctions hoping to find the same machinery.

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