What kind of used dozers are on the market?

used dozers for sale

When you’re considering purchasing used dozers, it’s easy to get excited about any used equipment for sale. But how do you figure out what kind of dozer will work best for your situation, and what features will make a big difference on your job site. Here’s a look at what’s available in used machinery for sale.

Types and Common Features of Used Dozers

  • Track Dozer – This type of dozer is run on a traction track, allowing it to carry much heavier loads, but also making it less effective in softer soils. Though track equipment typically treads more lightly on the land because it doesn’t cause ruts the way wheels will, the heavier jobs done by dozers makes track dozers the exception that proves the rule.
  • Tire Dozer – Compared to a track dozer, a tire dozer is typically lighter weight, which means it does a good job at preventing compaction and rutting damage to fragile soils. However, it can’t deal with the heavy loads that are the everyday job of a track dozer. It’s very maneuverable and can deal better with softer surfaces than its heavier counterparts while still being easier to move around in general.
  • Straight Blade – When you’re working on grading a site and leveling soil, a straight blade dozer provides excellent results. However, it doesn’t work if you need to make major changes to the grading that require pushing soil or scooping material, and it doesn’t deal well with heavy loads.
  • Universal Blade – Also referred to a as a U blade, a universal blade dozer is capable of pushing soil, hauling material or scooping actions. It won’t work as well for grading work or leveling the way a straight blade will, and it won’t deal with heavier loads the way a combination blade can manage.
  • Combination Blade – For a good, all-purpose machine, a combination blade does a great job. It can deal with the heaviest of loads effectively, while still providing the precision you’d expect from a straight blade. A combination blade is great if you do a lot of general earth moving or only have the ability to get a single machine to do multiple jobs.
  • Hybrid Dozer – A hybrid dozer is when a dozer blade is put on a different piece of equipment, such as a skid steer, loader, tractor or even an ATV. Though they’re typically used for lighter jobs, they can provide some basic functionality while taking up less space in your warehouse. Just remember, like a Swiss Army knife, they’ll do everything decently, but won’t do any single thing very well.
  • Reciprocating Blade – A recent advancement, a reciprocating blade has telescoping movements that allow it to perform heavy moving with a relatively lightweight design. By alternating a pulsing or reciprocating action, the blade moves loads you’d expect from a heavy dozer with the improved maneuverability and ease of motion of a smaller machine.

By knowing what to look for in used dozers, you can get exactly the kind of features and performance you need. Many contractors find that using online auctions to find quality used equipment is a great way to improve your selection.

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