Features You Should Look for in Used Forklifts for Sale

used forklift for sale

When you’re in the market to find the right used machinery for sale, it’s easy to get lost in all the types and options available. But when it come to finding the right used forklifts for your business, it’s important to make sure you’re getting used equipment that has the features you need to get the job done. Let’s take a look at some common features in forklifts and what situations they work well in for your business.

Features You Should Look for in Used Forklifts for Sale

  • It’s Electric: Is the main use of the forklift indoors? If so, you may want to stick with an electric model. Electric models are now available in AC and DC varieties, with the AC variants converting DC battery power to AC for faster acceleration, lower maintenance and better efficiency. Fast charging and regenerative braking helps minimize down time.
  • Liquid Propane (LP):  If you’re not using forklifts heavily indoors, you can use LP-powered units with good ventilation to minimize fumes and the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in your workers. It’s fairly fast to change out tanks when needed and has the added benefit of being used indoors and outdoors.
  • Diesel or Gasoline: These fuels are for outdoors only, but tend to be hardier than the other systems to a certain extent. Gasoline is commonly available, but diesel will often provide a much longer engine life and additional torque when it’s needed.
  • Kick the tires: Forklifts have a couple different tire types available. Pneumatic tires are the standard used on most equipment and vehicles, which are air filled, work well outdoors and on uneven surfaces, have a higher ground clearance and generally are easier to replace. Cushion tires have virtually no tread and are for indoor use only, allowing them to operate without spreading debris.
  • Lift capacity versus lift height. A forklift will have a maximum dimension, maximum load weight and maximum height that should be taken into consideration. In general, you’ll want to get a forklift that will not be maxed out in more than one of these at a time, as it can create problems with tipping as the load size and weight shift further when the mast is fully extended.
  • Full Mast: Though the number of mast stages or sections often depends on the full lifting height of the forklift, lifts with very high maximum height may have different options available. As an example, if you have a triple mast instead of a quad mast, the height of the mast when lowered will be shorter. This gives you added maneuverability if you’re dealing with a range of space heights.
  • Down the Aisle: Aisle width has to do with whether or how well a forklift can turn within a confined space. A very narrow aisle width typically cannot be turned around in an aisle, while wide and narrow aisle widths can be turned around. Wide aisle widths operate in areas 11′ or greater in width, narrow aisle widths work in aisles 8-10′ wide.

By keeping these features and the situations in which they work best in mind, you can find the perfect used forklifts for your business needs. When it comes to buying used equipment for sale, many companies find a much better selection by shopping online auctions. In addition to getting a great deal, there’s a much wider variety of types and features available.

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