Types of Machinery seen at Printing Equipment Auctions

printing equipment auctions

When you’re attending printing equipment auctions while looking for used equipment for sale to build your business, it’s easy to get confused over the vast array of equipment used in this field. But with a little education, you’ll be able to work through any number of live or online auctions to find exactly what you need. Let’s take a good look at the kind of machinery that you’ll find at this type of auction.

Types of machinery commonly seen at printing equipment auctions

  • Printing equipment is almost always the first type of equipment that comes to mind, because that’s what people relate to and are most familiar with. But the specific type of equipment depends strongly on what you need to do with it. Offset presses are one of the most common for larger runs of print materials, while laser printers are used for high-quality printing and screen printers are used for printing on fabric or clothing. If you’re considering printing signs, banners or other large-format projects, you’ll want to take a good look at wide-format printers that can handle pieces of that size.
  • Though it’s often ignored in home and office printing, cutting equipment is vital to the end quality of the items you’re printing. Whether you’re putting together books, note pads, business forms or solid-color plotted vinyl signs, being able to get a clean cut is essential to the final perceived quality of the products you’re printing. A hydraulic cutter works well for larger and thicker pieces, while a hand-operated machine will provide a fine touch where precision is a necessity and a plotter will make fast work of vinyl, whether it’s for signs, banners or vehicle wraps.
  • Depending on your business’ exact needs, binding equipment may or may not be relevant. But if you’re planning on producing books, reports, business form pads and similar pieces, good binding equipment is a necessity. There are two basic types of binding machinery, depending on your needs. Comb binding involves punching a row of holes along one side of the paper, and through each hole, a length of plastic or wire is fed which curls back around into the spine that binds all the lengths together. This type of binding lies flat and is good for manuals or other material that will need to be left open. By comparison, thermal binding heats up and adheres the pages together, creating a higher-quality binding, but which won’t lie flat.
  • Other types of equipment that is found at used printing equipment auctions can include computers that have the capacity to handle intricate design work in terms of memory, processing power and storage, shelves or racks to hold your inventory both before and after it has been printed, packaging and shipping equipment to help you get your customer’s orders to them without damage and standard inkjet or laser printers to manage business paperwork, such as invoices, packing lists, receipts and similar pieces.

Now that you have a little better idea of the variety of machinery available at printing machinery auctions and what the different types of machinery can do for your business, you can make a more educated decision about what type of machinery will work best for your operation.

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