How to Hit Pay Dirt with Different Types of Used Mining Equipment

used mining equipment

When you’re working in mining, there are many outside factors that can affect your overhead and your bottom line. Changing commodity prices, fuel costs, overseas markets and many other issues can influence the final profit your company makes. One way that many mining companies protect their investment is by purchasing used mining equipment in their daily operation. But what kind of equipment is available and in what situations does it best work? Here are some types of mining equipment to put into use at your operation.

How to Hit Pay Dirt with Different Types of Used Mining Equipment

  • Earth moving machinery can include loaders, excavators, bulldozers and skid steers. Though this type of equipment is most commonly found in open pit and strip mining operations, they also have some utility in shaft and drift mining operations where the ground is fairly solid in the work area.
  • Blasting equipment is used to improve access to the mined mineral or remove waste rock from a desired seam. Blasting is used in all mining types, including shaft and drift, open pit and strip mining. Because it’s one of the most dangerous jobs in mining, automating these tasks is a great way to prevent worker injury and liability cases. Remote drill rigs are deployed to pre-drill the holes for the explosives to ensure precision in the depth and bore of the hole.
  • Drilling machinery is a vital part of any mining operation, mainly due to the high level of different types of work that is undertaken with this type of machinery. From drilling to create the access shafts and drifts to smaller machinery that bores holes for explosives that frees up the material being mined for transport, drilling machinery is a core machinery requirement for all forms of mining.
  • Crushing machinery is used to further separate the waste rock from the minerals that are specifically being mined. After blasting a rock formation, the material is removed to a crushing assembly using feeding equipment, at which point the material it is reduced into smaller pieces suitable for moving along the production process via the conveying equipment.
  • Screening equipment is put into use to separate sufficiently small material from larger pieces that need to be fed back through the crushing machinery until it has reached a suitable size for further processing.
  • Feeding and conveying equipment is used to move mined material along the production line in a variety of ways. Feeding equipment moves larger pieces of rock into the crushing machinery, ensuring that a regular flow of material is maintained. Once the material has been crushed into more manageable piece, it’s moved by conveying equipment to be analyzed or processed.
  • Elemental analysis equipment includes machinery that helps separate and analyze the minerals coming out of the process. This equipment may separate material by floating, milling or leaching the desired minerals. It can also analyze the minerals for purity, quantity and similar concerns. These types of machinery can also be used to maintain blend quality and automated sampling of the material.

How will this used mining equipment help your company get ahead? Though you are the best person to decide which used machinery for sale is the best for your needs, you’ll find that many mining enterprises use online auctions to improve the selection they have available to get the best possible tools for the job.

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