Paving the Way: How Used Asphalt Plants Help Save Your Business Money

used asphalt plant

When your business is paving roads, parking lots and paths, you need flexibility to keep your operation ready to respond to changes in the market. But what about the expense of your asphalt plant? If you’re considering buying new, we’ve got some great reasons why you should invest in used asphalt plants to the benefit of your business. Here are the potential benefits you may see when investing in used equipment.

Paving the Way: How Used Asphalt Plants Help Save Your Business Money

Save Money Over Buying New

Much like when you buy a new car, buying a new asphalt plant means that you’re paying full price for equipment that may not be worth as much after the first time you turn it on. This causes a fast drop in your asset values and business equity, which can be a problem because it makes your business lose value as you pay a full price for the machinery. How do you avoid this problem? When you buy used equipment, you’re able to avoid paying a premium that you won’t see reflected on your equipment’s value. Instead, you’ll have a good asphalt plant that you’ve only paid what it’s worth.

Avoid the Lemons

Another benefit of buying a used asphalt plant is avoiding bugs that come up from manufacturing issues. Whether it’s a feed issue, software problems or electrical issues that need to be sorted out, these kind of issues take time to sort out, time you may not have when you need to get a plant in operation quickly for a new highway contract or large paving project. Because a used plant has been in service for a period of time, any bugs would have been worked out by the previous owner. This saves you valuable time, money and frustration fixing problems while providing you with a quality piece of equipment that will operate well for years to come. You can quickly set up for a project without having to worry about manufacturing defects in the process.

Upgrade for Less

When you’re growing your business, you need to have equipment that will grow with you and allow you to take on larger or more complex projects in the process. Having upgraded equipment means you’ll be able to produce at higher levels using machinery that offers advanced capabilities. But an asphalt plant at this level of capability is often much more expensive than basic models. This cost can put an asphalt plant of this level out of reach for many businesses. By buying a used asphalt plant, you can purchase one with the capabilities you need at the price you can afford. This allows you to grow your business without the additional risk of financing equipment that stresses your business finances.

Purchasing used asphalt plants as part of your strategy helps you create an agile, flexible business that can respond quickly to new road contracts, large paving jobs and similar shifts in your market. But what if you can’t find the used machinery for sale in your local or regional area? Many of our clients have had good results by looking at online auctions, which offer a wider range of equipment options because it covers a much larger geographical area.

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