Get Your Money’s Worth by Inspecting Used Motor Graders

used motor grader

When you’re trying to find used machinery for sale for your earthmoving, road construction or similar business concern, it can be really hard to find quality equipment. One common type of equipment used in these companies are used motor graders. By buying used, you can realize significant savings for your company, but only if you’re buying quality equipment that will provide a significant amount of work before it requires replacing. Earthmoving equipment that doesn’t pass inspection should be avoided, because it will take much more time to repair and refit poor-quality equipment. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re inspecting a used motor grader.

Get Your Money’s Worth by Inspecting Used Motor Graders

  • Take a solid look at the frame. Because motor graders typically deliver most of their power to the earth being moved, it’s easy for the frame to be messed up. Unfortunately, this is a structural safety concern for a motor grader. While you’re inspecting it, be on the look out for cracks, bends, serious dents or poorly-made repairs.
  • What shape is the circle in? To perform fine grading tasks, you need a grader that can accomplish these tasks. Check for wear and tear on the track, play in the vertical axis and for uneven wear signs.
  • What is the condition of the moldboard and tires? Though you would expect some wear and tear, you want to know that you won’t have to immediately replace these items. The other option to replace these items, but should be taken into account for the overall cost of the equipment.
  • Is the articulation point and linkage in good repair? Whether it’s before or after the cab, the articulation point needs to be in good repair. You’ll want to look for serious signs of wear, check the height of the cab compared to the engine compartment and similar signs that all is not right with this system.
  • Take a good look under the hood. What shape is the engine in? Does it have any leaks or other issues that could affect operation and safety? What about mis-fires and power? Beware of steam-cleaned engines. They may look much nicer live, but it could also be hiding a potential problem by an unscrupulous seller.
  • Are the hydraulics in good condition? The hydraulics are the heart of your equipment’s power, so it’s important to know that the hydraulics will work reliably. Take a look at the pump to ensure it’s working correctly, at the hoses to make sure they’re in good repair and any other components to ensure quality.
  • What about the paperwork? Take the time to carefully review the title to ensure it is clean and look through any repair or maintenance logs as needed to sort out problem equipment.

When you keep these tips in mind while looking at used equipment for sale, you can find a great number of used motor graders that will provide an excellent investment. But what if you don’t have sales in your area that will meet your needs? Many of our customers find that online auctions provide a wealth of opportunity by bringing together buyers and sellers from a wider geographical range.

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