What to Look for When Inspecting Used Telescopic Handlers

used telescopic handler for sale

Whether you’re in logging, construction, logistics or another industry, there’s no doubt that a telehandler is worth its weight in gold. Agile and maneuverable, it’s able to lift materials to great heights while avoiding the sway of a crane or limitations of a traditional forklift. But do you know how to inspect used telescoping handlers? Here’s what to look for in this type of used equipment for sale:

What to Look for When Inspecting Used Telescopic Handlers

  • Ask how it was used. A telescopic handler used in a warehouse for light loads will be in much better condition than one that was run across a rough work site while heavily loaded. If the machine has wear that doesn’t match how the owner claims it was used, you should assume you’re not getting the whole truth about the machine’s history.
  • Check out the boom. Does it extend fully? Are there any bends or other damage that could be problematic? You’ll also want to take a good look at the hydraulic system at the same time. Are the hoses in good repair? Does the pump function properly? Extend the boom and check for play. A boom that has a lot of play may have received a lot of abuse in the past and may not work for you for very long.
  • Look at the maintenance and repair records. These records give you fast insight into how well the equipment was maintained and whether it received repairs in a timely manner. If you see a number of serious repairs, it could be a sign that small repairs were ignored until they became too problematic to do so, which says bad things about how the machine will perform in the future.
  • See if the cab is in good condition. Are the controls in good shape? Are there tears in the seat or cracks in the windows or mirrors that suggest the telescopic handler was abused? Another area to check is the pedals. If the person selling the machine is claiming a low number of hours but the cab suggests otherwise, you may be looking at a machine that was poorly used or a seller who isn’t giving you the entire truth.
  • Have the fluids tested, if possible. If the fluids come back completely clean, you may have a seller who has freshly changed the fluids to hide any potential issues with the equipment. The same goes for an engine compartment that has been steam cleaned, which can indicate a leak that is being covered up. Either of these issues can be very serious once you have completed the purchase and find yourself owning a lemon.
  • What’s the legal and financial status of the equipment? Ask whether it’s collateral on a loan or other financial agreement. You may also want to check for legal liens on the business’ property and assets that may limit the seller’s authority to sell the equipment.

If you take these inspection points into account when looking at used telescopic handlers, you’re sure to find used machinery for sale that more than meets your needs. Keeping in mind that many businesses have a hard time finding the selection they need locally, many businesses find online auctions an excellent place to find the exact equipment that’s needed.

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