Material Handling Equipment Auctions: What You’ll Find

material handling equipment auctions

If you’re looking at material handling equipment auctions, it’s probably because you’re trying to find quality used machinery for sale that will help you boost productivity and the effectiveness of your workers in your warehouse or factory. But how do you know what kind of auctions will have the equipment you’re trying to find? This guide will help you learn what kind of equipment is typically available at a material handling machinery auction, though the assortment of equipment will depend on what’s available.

What you’ll find at material handling equipment auctions

Equipment that moves things

The first category of equipment you’ll run into at auctions for material handling equipment moves materials around to where you need them quickly, safely and effectively. This can include carts and trucks to move larger items around, conveyors to keep your productivity line moving, dock equipment for loading and unloading items as they come in or go out and wheels and castors to keep things mobile. They make it easier to move items around your warehouse or factory, saving your workers from excessive strain or injury on the job while keeping your production line flexible and effective.

Equipment that lifts things

When you need to create more space in your facility, going up is one of the easiest ways to make it. But to do that, you’ll need equipment that can lift your material, whether it’s a folk lift, crane, drum handling equipment, hoist, trolley or winch. You can also get your workers where they need to be with ladders, platforms and scaffolds. Using lifting or climbing equipment allows you to take advantage of vertical space in your facility, a great boon when your business is located in an area where real estate is at a premium or there is no room for expansion at ground level.

Equipment that stores things

Whether you’re in a warehouse or a factory, keeping your materials organized makes it much easier for your workers to remain productive. For this reason, equipment that stores your material in an organized fashion while keeping it close to hand where it is needed most is vital to your productivity. Shelving, bins and containers provide easy access to commonly used items while cabinets and storage lockers can be used to enclose items that require more protection or a higher level of security. Keeping your business’ production facilities well organized makes it much easier to improve productivity.

Equipment that packs things

Once you’ve created items in your business or picked orders for shipping, the next step is getting it out the door and to your customers. That requires equipment like picking bins, scales, protective packaging equipment, printers for packing lists and shipping labels and similar items. If you have unique or very fragile items, specialized packing equipment means you can custom fit your packing materials to your items. Having quality packing equipment means you can get your materials to your clients quickly, safely and effectively, minimizing the risk of your items arriving damaged, lowering your overhead.

Material handling equipment auctions can be a great place to find used equipment for sale, but to really find exactly what you need, you may want to consider looking at online auctions. Because they draw from a much larger area, there is typically a much larger range of equipment available to bid on.

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