Getting the Best Used Machinery from Processing Equipment Auctions


When you’re going to processing equipment auctions looking for used equipment for sale, it’s easy to get caught up in the spur of the moment and buy equipment that you realize later won’t meet your needs. Even worse is when you take time away from your business to attend auctions that don’t have what you need from the very beginning. How do you find the quality used equipment that you really need? Once you find it, how can you make sure it will work well for your business? Here are a few tips to help get you started.

Getting the best used machinery from processing equipment auctions

Before you head to an auction, try to get a good list of what equipment will be auctioned. Is there a phone number or other contact information where you can talk to someone about the equipment’s features and general condition? We’ve all been at auctions that have come to a screeching halt when someone asks a number of questions, frustrating the other bidders who want things to move on and the auctioneer who is often more interested in keeping a schedule than in getting into the details of the equipment. Though some auctions offer an opportunity to inspect the equipment prior to the commencement of bidding, it often takes place in less than ideal conditions, with poor lighting and no power to check the equipment’s functionality.

If you do get a chance to inspect the equipment in good conditions, there are a few different areas you’ll want to look at. First, ask if there’s a maintenance and repair log for the equipment in question. Being able to review these records ensures that you’ll know what has and hasn’t been done to maintain the equipment in good repair. See if there’s a sample of the machinery’s output, so that you can see what kind of quality it will produce. Does it have a motor or engine? Take a little time to see how well it works. If it’s overheating under an average load, you may want to walk away from making a bid, as it may have a hard time keeping up with the rest of your production line. Are their fluids available for analysis? You’ll want to check for shards of metal in it that can indicate significant problems both now and in the future. What about the general condition of the machinery? If the controls show signs of excessive use, the meter may not accurately show the number of hours the machine has actually been operated. If there are cracks, dents, broken welds or jerryrigged repairs, the machinery may have been abused or not repaired to the manufacturer’s specifications, causing potential failure points down the road. Have there been aftermarket modifications made? They can cause early failure if they don’t meet the manufacturer’s requirements for the systems impacted.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to find good quality used machinery at processing equipment auctions. But what if nobody in your area is selling the kind of equipment you need? Traveling to specialty auctions can be expensive, time consuming and inconvenient as well. For those reasons, many people find specialty online auction sites that only offer equipment to be an excellent way to find exactly the equipment you need for your business.

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