How to Find What You Need at Online Industrial Equipment Auctions


When you’re trying to find quality used equipment for sale, it can be a frustrating experience. The auctions available in your area may have limited selection or simply doesn’t have the features or power you need for your business. You may see a regional auction that promises to have the equipment you need, just to waste a day or two when you find out that the equipment is in poor condition or doesn’t actually have the features that were advertised. Many people have changed from wasting time looking for equipment locally to looking for used machinery for sale through online auctions. Here are some details to help you decide whether online industrial equipment auctions areĀ a good option for your business.

How to Find What You Need at Online Industrial Equipment Auctions

Regular live auctions can be good if you’re looking for very general equipment in somewhat unknown condition. There’s often no real schedule as to what equipment will be offered at what time, so you’re stuck dealing with waiting on their timetable. At the same time, the equipment has also often been moved from its original location and may or may not be operable in its current location, especially for equipment that requires specific power sources or mounting for operation.

What’s more, you’ll often only find a limited selection, which won’t help your business or will require significant retooling or engineering to work for your needs. The equipment may have been abused or stored in poor conditions, effecting the overall longevity you can expect from it. Fortunately, there is a much better option to consider.

When you look for equipment on an online auction, you can find much more specific machinery to fit your needs. Even if you’re the only plastics molding company in your region, you can find dozens of similar companies selling their equipment online, allowing you to choose from a much wider range of options than at a live auction.

Because online auctions are often ongoing for several days, you can check in at your leisure and know the exact time the auction is ending, allowing you significant freedom in your schedule. Unlike live auctions, where you often get a glare and an annoyed tone when you ask a question during bidding, you’ve got plenty of time to ask as many questions as you like about the equipment being offered for sale on an online auction.

But what about inspections? Most businesses selling industrial equipment know that you need to know that information before making a purchase. For that reason, they’ll often provide engineering and maintenance reports, access for independent inspectors to check the equipment over for you and plenty of photos so you can see the equipment from all angles, including images of the equipment’s interior and sometimes videos showing it in action. Overall, you can gather much more information about a piece of equipment being offered online than you can often obtain in person at a live auction.

By looking at what’s available through online industrial equipment auctions, you can often find a much broader range of machinery available and with the specific features and specifications you need to quickly integrate it into your business.

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