How to Use Construction Equipment Auctions to Boost Your Upgrade Schedule


When your construction business has used machinery that isn’t meeting your needs, have you considered selling that machinery to invest in better used equipment for sale through construction equipment auctions? If you haven’t, you may be missing out on a great opportunity. But how do you go about speeding up your scheduled machinery upgrades while allowing your old equipment to pay for part of the process? Here are some details to help get you started.

How to Use Construction Equipment Auctions to Boost Your Upgrade Schedule

When you need to upgrade your equipment, selling your older equipment can help ensure you can afford the upgrades without breaking the bank. But how do you get it ready to sell to get the best price? Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Put your paperwork together. A buyer is going to want to know what has been done with the equipment, including maintenance, repairs and upgrades. Having the paperwork neatly assembled ahead of time makes this part of the process go more easily.
  • Can you get an independent mechanic to prepare a report speaking to the condition of the machinery? This can provide third-party verification of the equipment’s value. If possible, extend that to include testing of the fluids in the machinery such as hydraulic fluid, engine oil, transmission fluid and similar areas of concern.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. Take great photos by first getting the machinery into natural light, preferably on a lightly overcast day where shine from reflected light will make it difficult to make out the details. Make sure you take a number of pictures from different angle, including all sides of the body, the mechanism in different positions and key systems.
  • A video is worth even more. If you can get a video of the equipment in action, it makes it much easier for prospective buyers to trust that the machinery is in the condition you’re claiming it’s in. You may need to post the video to an outside site and provide a link.
  • Consider online auction sites to ensure you get the most interest in specialty equipment that you’ll have a hard time selling locally.

When you get ready to buy the upgraded equipment that you need, you’ll have the necessary cash for most of the purchase. This allows you to upgrade without risking the higher cost of new equipment. Here’s how to find what you need:

  • Don’t waste your time at live auctions that may or may not have the equipment you need. It can be difficult to verify that the equipment works properly or to ask questions during the auction process.
  • If you’re having a hard time finding the features you need, consider working through an online auction that will vastly increase your available options.

By taking advantage of the opportunities presented by used construction equipment auctions, you can ensure that you can get the machinery with the features and upgrades you need without risking your entire business. But when you’re looking for those upgrades, don’t feel like you have to be limited to the options available in your area. Many find that the diverse options available through online auction sites provide the exact equipment they need to keep their business operating efficiently.

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