What to Look for in Used Medical Equipment for Sale


When you’re trying to find used medical equipment for sale, it can seem as though you can’t see the forest for the trees. The used equipment is often either in poor condition or doesn’t have the features you need. How can you make sure that the equipment you’re looking at will live up to your expectations? By performing basic inspections and asking about the features you require, you can find exactly what you need at a price you can afford. Here are some more details.

What to look for in used medical equipment for sale

The first steps to consider when looking at medical equipment is what features you need. Do you need to allow for moving or working with larger patients? Maybe your practice needs advanced imaging with particular positioning features. If you’re considering making changes to your practice but don’t want to spend the money on new equipment, finding the features you need in used equipment can offer you great benefits without the risk. Don’t just settle for the basic features if you’re thinking of expanding your practice or the services you can offer your patients, but instead consider investing in the additional features you’ll require down the road.

The other half of doing your due diligence is inspecting the used machinery you’re purchasing. Whether this is done in person or via video or photographic inspection, taking a good, solid look at what you’re going to buy ensures that you’ll be getting a quality piece of equipment that will serve your practice well for years to come. If the documentation is used for testing or diagnostic purposes, you’ll want a set of test results from it, whether that’s a digital MRI file, copy of x-rays taken with the machine, a printout of test results or similar documentation you can examine for quality and accuracy. If the equipment does not produce external files, can you get a video of it being used to ensure it goes through all its phases properly and provides the details you need?

Does the machinery have moving parts? See if it is able to be moved fully into and out of different positions. Does it bind up or resist when in motion? Check any motors or hydraulics to ensure that they’re operating smoothly. What about the condition of the entire machine? Has it been damaged or seem to have wear and tear? Are parts loose that should not be? These can be signs of abuse that could signal a shorter usable lifespan than may otherwise be expected. Another thing to check is whether the machine has been altered or had kits or upgrades made that were not approved by the manufacturer. This could compromise the equipment in any number of ways, including ways that could leave it unsuitable for following universal precautions, leaving your staff or your patients at risk of contracting a disease.

By following these easy steps, you can find the exact used health care machinery you need to keep your practice operating at a profit. If you’re having problems finding the used medical equipment for sale that you need, you may find that online equipment auctions give you better selection of features and quality.

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