Finding the Right Machinery for Your Use in Manufacturing Equipment Auctions


When you need to find the right used machinery for your factory, manufacturing equipment auctions can be a good resource to consider. But how can you find the exact machinery you need without having to deal with unexpected repairs or expensive retrofits to make them work for your operation? In this post, we’ll discuss how to inspect the machinery you’re considering and how to gather the details you’ll need to decide whether that piece of equipment is a good fit for your needs.

Finding the right machinery for your use in manufacturing equipment auctions

Gathering Details

Most buyers have a general idea of what they’re looking for in a piece of manufacturing equipment. They typically fall into one of three areas: expanding operations and need new machinery for new operations, replacing aging equipment with the same level of technology or upgrading equipment to improve productivity and quality control. Within those categories, however, you’ll have some amount of variance where you can choose different machines provided that the job is done correctly in the end.

One mistake that many companies make is buying machinery on price alone. Before you settle on a machine that only meets your minimum qualifications, consider whether your operations will change in the future, requiring an upgrade. It may make more sense to spend a little more now for a machine with features that will meet future needs. You’ll also want to consider the machine’s capacity. If a press is rated to 15 tons, that’s the upper limit you’ll want to use it at, not the average. It’s usually better to buy a machine that has somewhat higher capacity than needed so that it can complete the job without excessive wear and tear.

Inspections Matter

Once you’ve found prospective equipment that will work for your purposes, you need to learn how well it will work. This involves inspecting the machinery. Though it can be easier in person, online inspection can provide you with just as much information to make a good decision. Though it would have been very difficult just a few years ago, the prevalence of multi-media inspection options and remote services that provide inspections make it much easier today.

To start with, consider what the machine will need to do. Does it extrude plastic, bend metal or otherwise manipulate material into a part or finished product? Ask to see a sample so that you can determine that it is meeting the quality control standards that you require for your production line. Does it need to flex or extend during its operation? See if the seller can provide a video to show the machine going through its range of motion. What shape is it in mechanically? If possible, have an independent mechanic check over the machine to let you know of any issues you may need to deal with.

Though finding the right used equipment for sale for your manufacturing business can be difficult, manufacturing equipment auctions make the process much easier by giving you a wider range of options and features to meet your needs. But what if you could get the same access to equipment that covers a wider range of features and options at the best time for you? Online equipment auctions provide superior variety of machinery, allowing you to pick the exact equipment you need.

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