Features to Look for at Metalworking Equipment Auctions


When you’re looking for used equipment for sale, metalworking equipment auctions can be a great way to save some money on used machinery. But what kind of features should you look for to get the best possible bang for your buck? Here are some common features and aspects you should look at when trying to find the right metal working machinery for your business.

Features to look for at metalworking equipment auctions

  • Level of accuracy: Metalworking requires a specific level of accuracy. Used equipment that has not been properly taken care of may lose that accuracy. However, some loss of accuracy may be acceptable in some situations. Does your business require very high levels of accuracy or is some loss of accuracy acceptable? Ask to see an example of how accurate the machine is in a finished piece or sample, then consider whether it would meet your needs. Take into consideration that the machinery may continue to lose accuracy over time, so don’t pick up a piece of equipment that just meets your specs.
  • Maneuverability: Is the work you’re completing going to require just a couple angles of accessibility to successfully complete, or will you require multi-axis maneuverability to be able to create a quality product? Is the current machinery you’re using producing a quality piece, or will you need additional maneuverability to get a better weld, cut or turn? Consider adding maneuverability options if it’s in your budget, as it may help you improve overall product or piece quality, cutting back on your quality control issues and re-worked pieces.
  • Connectivity: Newer machinery often has additional options for connectivity and customization. Where does your business fall in terms of digitization? If you’re considering adding digital assets or want to add connectivity between machines or into your network, you’ll want to take connectivity into account. Look at what type of connection is needed, keeping in mind that shop or factory construction may impact wireless reception.
  • Flexibility: Where is your business going in the future? You’ll want to take that into consideration when purchasing used metalworking equipment. If you’re considering adding new aspects to your business or new products to your assembly line, you’ll want to consider those needs when purchasing equipment now. Take the time to consider whether the equipment you’re looking at will meet your needs not only today, but also in the future.
  • Capability: Though it’s tempting to simply buy equipment that just meets your needs, it may not do so for long. Consider the capacity and capabilities you’ll need in your equipment and try to have that need fall in the middle of the specifications range, not at the very top of its range. That way, you’ll prevent problems with motor burnout or electrical overload shorts and can ensure the machinery will last for many more years into the future, giving you a great return on your investment.

When you look for these aspects in machinery you find at metalworking equipment auctions, you can be sure you’re getting the best possible buy for your budget. But when you’re looking for specific machinery, you may have a hard time finding it at local or regional auctions, which means they’re often a waste of time. Many of our usersĀ find our online auctions give them the variety they need to get the right equipment for the job.

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