What kind of used forestry equipment for sale is available on the market?


When you work in the logging industry, finding used forestry equipment for sale can represent serious savings for your budget. But what kind of used machinery do you need to get the job done? We’ve created this quick overview of forestry equipment that is fairly common in the logging industry and how it’s used. Here’s the basics:

What kind of used forestry equipment for sale is available on the market?

  • A delimber quickly removes limbs from logs, typically by passing the log along a hydraulic column that cuts the limbs away. Delimbers can come in several formats, including chain flail, slide boom, pull through and stroke variations.
  • Feller bunchers are a type of harvester that fells each tree but still has the capability of bunching groups of trees together and moving the trees for further processing or place the logs in stacks for removal from the logging site by forwarders or skidders.
  • A harvester processor is able to fell small trees, delimb them and cut them into reasonable lengths for transport. It takes the place of a few different machines, but is often limited by the size of the processor and the horsepower available to get the job done. For this reason, it’s more commonly used in clearing operations.
  • A mulcher or masticator chips or grinds the excess limbs and bits of log that can’t be used and turns them into smaller pieces that are much more easily decomposed on the logging site, as well as to clear brush away in areas that are being prepped for logging operations.
  • A forwarder moves logs from where they’ve been cut to the roadside, but accomplish this by suspending the logs in the air rather than dragging them like a skidder. This can have a significant advantage in areas where forest floor soils are fragile and traditional skidder operations can cause significant damage and erosion issues.
  • A harvester is a piece of equipment with a boom that can cut logs into specific lengths, allowing them to be cut into more reasonable sizes before they’re moved to the roadside or a loading area for pickup and hauling to the processing area.
  • Skidders come in three common types:  a clam-bunk, which has top-opening jaws that can hold a load of logs to be extracted, a cable or line skidder which uses a cable attached to the logs on one end and a winch on the skidder itself to drag the logs and a grapple which has a bucket that is a hydraulic grappler, allowing it to move logs easily. All skidders are used for dragging or moving logs within the logging area and at the processing facility.

By keeping an eye out for used equipment, you can see significant savings over buying new, which may allow you to get into business for yourself or expand your operation. But where should  you look for this equipment? Though it may be tempting to look in  your local area for equipment, you’ll probably pay a premium because the logging industry is active in your region. Many of our customers find online equipment auctions to be helpful, as you can pick up equipment from an area that is slowing down in terms of logging, allowing you to realize significant savings compared to local dealers.

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