Take advantage of fast market growth with our trailer classifieds

used tanker trailers for sale

As the economic recovery continues to grow, demand for products and shipping to get those products where they need to go is also growing. Whether it’s consumers who finally have the cash for that new TV, businesses that are upgrading their office furniture, institutions ordering in uniforms or governments finally making repairs or upgrades to infrastructure, trucks get it there – in trailers. When the market is changing quickly, how does your shipping, trucking or manufacturing company adapt to those changes without taking out large loans or tying up significant amounts of cash? By finding the exact used trailers you need in our trailer classifieds.

Take advantage of fast market growth with our trailer classifieds

When market growth is taking place, you want to be able to quickly leverage transportation assets to take advantage of the situation and add to your business’ overall profitability at the same time. One approach is to simply purchase additional new trailers, but is that the best option? Not necessarily.

When you purchase a new trailer, you’re having to pay a premium because it’s new. But for the most part, the goods you’re shipping don’t actually require a brand new trailer, just one that provides sufficient protection for the products you’re shipping and safety on the roadways. This can often be accomplished by purchasing a used trailer at a lower investment.

Think of it this way: if the market is growing and you can invest $200,000 in trailers, would you rather purchase four trailers at $50,000 each or ten trailers at $20,000 each? If you’re able to get all those trailers on the road, your revenue will increase by 150% when you buy used trailers compared to a smaller number of new trailers.

When you save money by purchasing a used trailer, you also leave additional financial assets available for other purposes. As the market shifts, you can use that additional cash or credit availability to change up your production, explore new or underserved markets, research new products or market your business to take advantage of new digital media advertising options. The money you’re saving can go into any number of potential resources instead of being tied up in a brand new trailer that may or may not be profitable at that point.

Because the market is changing rapidly, you also need to be ready to get the specific type of trailer you need. You may need dry vans this week but need flatbeds for a big order coming down the pipeline in a couple months. Projections are showing that running reefer trailers is expected to remain competitive and profitable for the foreseeable future. General freight shipments are increasing in number. If you have a number of flatbed trailers from a project several years ago that rarely see service because of lack of demand, wouldn’t it make sense to sell those flatbeds in favor of dry vans or reefers to take advantage of those changes in the market?

With continued economic growth on the horizon but uncertainty as to exactly where and when that growth will happen, our trailer classifieds provide you with additional options for growing your company’s capabilities without risking the company itself. By taking a few minutes to see what’s available or place an advertisement to buy or sell a specific type of trailer, you can quickly improve your company’s versatility and flexibility in a changing world.

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