Writing Farm Equipment Classifieds That Sell

used agriculture equipment

The opportunity to sell used equipment in the agriculture and farm machinery market is based on many factors – worldwide economic and market conditions, weather, available financing, timing, and even the ability to write farm equipment classifieds that properly present the equipment to potential buyers. In a report titled “Agriculture and Farm Machinery Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2015 – 2022,” Transparency Market Research defines the applicable dynamics which govern the overall viability of the global agriculture and farm machinery market. It concludes that the total worldwide market demand for this equipment will grow 8.7% annually from $144.10 billion in 2014, and will reach $281.61 billion by the year 2022. Many countries are moving to mechanize farm production to spur output to meet increased food demands for a growing global population. Demand is expected to be particularly strong in the Asia Pacific region as countries such as China and India struggle to keep up with the food needs of their burgeoning populations.

While these figures represent the total market, used machinery is expected to play a strong role in the economy as well. The demand for farm equipment such as tractors, threshers, tillers, reapers, sprayers, harvesters, irrigation equipment, plowing and cultivation machinery, planting and fertilizing machinery, and haying machinery is expected to grow as even small farmers are motivated to upgrade their equipment to meet increased demand.

Agricultural concerns that have viable used machinery can recognize a financial gain by listing that equipment for sale. Options to present purchasing opportunities to potential buyers include equipment auctions such as EquipmentAuction.com and farm equipment classifieds. Entities considering utilizing classified ads to promote the availability of used farm equipment should be sure to follow these guidelines to increase the likelihood their machinery will be sold:

  • A strong headline: This is the first thing a potential buyer sees, and needs to capture attention immediately. Come up with a compelling reason to buy, such as “increases production by ‘x’” or “reduces water consumption,” so buyers will immediately start thinking of how this equipment can benefit them.
  • Quality photos: Include quality photos so buyers can “inspect” the equipment, even if it is only from a distance. Clean the equipment and repair any dents, to make sure it makes the best presentation possible.
  • Strong description: List out the required specs for the equipment, as well as any alternative uses that might make it more appealing to a buyer.
  • Price properly: Most buyers don’t want to go too low on their asking price, unless they are in a big hurry to move the equipment for some reason. On the other hand, though, it is also not good to go too high on the asking price, as this will immediately disqualify the equipment from potential consideration. Research sales prices for similar equipment, or have a professional equipment appraiser assist you in setting a fair price.
  • Include contact options: Sellers should include a telephone number or email address so interested buyers can contact them directly to buy now or make an offer.

Once the perfect ad has been composed, it needs to be placed in the perfect environment for farm equipment classifieds. EquipmentAuction.com offers free machinery and equipment classified ads, similar to those used on Craigslist, but with a focused audience that is looking for this type of used farm equipment and machinery. This exposes the seller’s ad to the widest national and international market possible.

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