Keep up with industry trends with our printing equipment classifieds

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Today’s printing industry is going through a rapid technological evolution. With changes to equipment, sourcing, business models and marketing, it can seem as though every day shows a new trend, often contradicting the trend from the day, week or month before. How do you keep up with industry trends without taking on serious risk or spending a lot of money on machinery? Through our printing equipment classifieds. Here’s how they can help you keep up with the latest changes in the industry.

Keep up with industry trends with our printing equipment classifieds

A recent post in Printing News looked at expected trends in the printing industry in 2017. Here are some key areas the article addressed and how used printing machinery can help you meet these new trends:

  • The Internet of Things (IoT) is vital to business health. Newer equipment integrates a number of sensors, data and reports to help decision makers understand the issues that arise in production, such as productivity bottlenecks. When you sell older equipment that doesn’t have this level of capability through online classifieds, you can more easily afford the upgrade to IoT-ready machinery for your printing business.
  • App-based workflows provide superior productivity. Because app-based work depends strongly in information that is received through a network, having equipment that is capable of both connecting to and communicating with those apps is vital to making this type of productivity a reality in your print shop.
  • 3D virtual sample modeling becomes standard. Whether you’re considering adding additive manufacturing  to your company or simply printing on three-dimensional objects, customers want to see what it will look like from virtually all angles before committing to an order. Once you add this capability, you’ll need the 3-D printers and specialty printing equipment to make it happen in the real world. You can afford both the software upgrade for the virtual modeling and the equipment itself when you buy used.
  • Automated workflows save time and money. When you need to expand your operation, adding automation allows you to free up both additional room in your work space that was previously dedicated to accounting and administrative staff while putting that vital human capital to work as you expand your production capabilities to fill that newly-emptied space with less expensive used equipment.
  • Business scaling is vital to success. Digitization is all about forming partnerships, and partnerships means having the right equipment for collaboration. If your current equipment isn’t up to task, consider purchasing second-hand equipment that does meet those capabilities without breaking the bank.
  • B2B gains ground in digital publishing. Most digital publishing opportunities used to be based on B2C sectors, providing you with opportunities to diversify your options and ensure you have a stronger overall approach to market conditions. Don’t need those old presses anymore because of ebook sales? Go ahead and list them for sale to gain capital for your next big opportunity.

Though industry trends may be rapidly evolving, making smart business decisions is one trend that will never go out of style. Purchasing used equipment allows you to make a smarter investment and preserve your precious business equity and capital for where it’s needed most. By using our printing equipment classifieds to get the right equipment you need at the right time, you can save a lot of money to put into other areas of your budget, allowing you to turn your business into a flexible, agile enterprise capable of keeping up with the latest changes the industry can throw at you.

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