Discover the right machinery through our woodworking equipment classifieds

woodworking equipment auctions

When you’re trying to find a buyer for your woodworking equipment or need to purchase a specific piece of machinery yourself, you can often find yourself looking for a long time and feeling as though you’re wasting a lot of time that would be better spent working with lumber. We understand your pain! Because this can be a serious issue, we’ve launched our new woodworking equipment classifieds on our site, giving you the convenience of a long-term ad with the focus of a machinery-only website. Learn more about this free new service below.

Discover the right machinery through our woodworking equipment classifieds

When your business or hobby is serious woodworking, it can be really difficult to find the exact equipment you need. When you have high quality equipment that is somewhat specialized for what you’re doing, finding the right buyer who is willing to pay what those features are worth can be just as tough a task. How do you connect with the right person for your equipment needs?

You could spend a lot of time working through auctions, either online or live, over the course of several weeks or months. But that can take time¬†you don’t have while still leaving you without the equipment you need. You could sell equipment through one of these auctions, but if it’s specialized machinery, you may not get the amount you think your equipment is worth because nobody is looking for those features at that time.

You could look at general online classified ad sites like Craigslist, but you’ll need to perform the same searches again and again over a wide geographical area and sort through tons of listings that catch your interest but don’t have what you need in the end. It’s really frustrating spending that much time trying to buy or sell equipment without getting any solid results. At, we’ve developed a better option.

Our equipment classified ads provide you with a way of reaching only people who are buying or selling equipment. You don’t need to wade through tons of advertisements for a child’s toy saw made of wood, hobbyist equipment that won’t meet your needs or offers to sell you equipment that isn’t even remotely what you’re trying to find. You can simply create an ad for the equipment you’re selling or that you’re trying to find and can rest assured that other professionals are perusing those same ads, giving you a higher quality lead for the sale or purchase of equipment.

Okay, you’re saying, but how much is this going to cost me? That’s the great part – nothing. Because we recognize that this is one of the harder parts of your business or hobby, we’re willing to provide this service for free. There’s no cost for the equipment ads you place, whether they’re to sell that huge lathe you’ve been turning bowls on or to buy that exact router table you need to up your production speed.

Finding the right buyer or seller is much easier when you use our woodworking equipment classifieds, so what’s holding you back? Our free service is easy to use and is ready and waiting for you.

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