Find what you need in our metalworking equipment classifieds

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When you’re having trouble finding a specific piece of metal working machinery, it can seem easier to just buy new and pay the penalty of a significantly higher cost. At, we understand your dilemma! Many of our clients are seeking or selling very specialized equipment and want to wait for the right buyer or seller to get exactly what they need. For this reason, we’ve developed our metalworking equipment classifieds to help you in the process. Here’s how it works.

Find what you need in our metalworking equipment classifieds

If you’re looking for metalworking equipment that fills a shop’s general needs, it’s often much easier to find what you need. But what about when you have very specific needs for your shop equipment? You may need a particular press that already has similar tooling to what you need to avoid excessive costs. Maybe the brake you’re looking for fits a very small range of specifications and you need a particular manufacturer and model to make that happen. You could have a project that requires a very fine degree of precision that requires used equipment be tested prior to purchase. Whatever your reason, you’re quite possibly having a hard time finding exactly what you need, even through auctions.

Fortunately, we know your pain. We’ve developed a equipment classified ad section to our website that is completely free. It’s much like Craigslist, but is focused specifically on equipment that you need for your business. How is this more helpful than the equipment auction side of our site? Imagine you need to sell a very specialized piece of metalworking machinery. You could offer it on an online auction, but even with the longer amount of time that these auctions run compared to live auctions, you’d still only have a limited amount of time before your equipment is either sold for a lower price or doesn’t sell at all.

By comparison, when you create a classified ad for that machinery, you can run it for a much longer period of time and wait for the right buyer to make a deal. That means you’ll be much more likely to sell the machinery for the price you want instead of having to settle for a lower price from someone who may not be able to receive the full benefit of the machinery. This works especially well when you have a little spare space to store the equipment for a few weeks or months while your ad runs on our site. Along the same notion, if you’re trying to buy a specific piece of metal working machinery, you may not want to have to constantly wade through auctions that never quite seem to have what you really need. You can simply check through classified ads and respond to those that actually meet your needs.

By taking a few minutes to check or place an ad in our metalworking equipment classifieds, you can reach out to an extensive network of equipment owners who are often in the same boat you are, allowing you to find the exact equipment you need instead of settling for second best. It’s easy to open an account and our classified ads are always free, giving you no excuse to leave that old equipment sitting around, waiting for the perfect buyer or seller to get what you really need.

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