Supply Chain Trends: How the tractor classifieds keep you moving

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Our world is changing, and supply chain logistics are part of that change. Have you been keeping up with the latest trends in your shipping company? If you haven’t, you might get left behind. But wherever your business falls, our tractor classifieds can help you keep your drivers going and profits rolling in. Here’s a quick look at the latest trucking industry trends and how our ads can help you keep ahead of the changes.

Supply Chain Trends: How the tractor classifieds keep you moving

  • Nobody knows where trucking policy is going. We’ve got a new president, and apparently he’s willing to shake things up to get the job done. Unfortunately, this makes it somewhat difficult to predict where trucking policy will go. Are we going to see more regulations to ensure safety or loosening of regulations to make more business happen? Whether you need to sell or buy more equipment, our ads are ready for you.
  • E-logging is here to stay. Though it’s taken a while for the regulations to come into play, all trucking companies are required to have this capability by the end of 2017. This means if you have a few trucks sitting idle that have that capability, this is a great time to sell them and take advantage of the stronger demand. Need to get a truck with the capability already in place? Check out the ads to see what’s available and avoid paying a premium for new equipment.
  • Increased freight demand. The recovery has fortunately entered a state of solid recovery, which means that consumer confidence is up and people are looking at replacing items that were left alone during the depths of the recession. As this demand continues to grow strongly, do you have the trucks and drivers available to meet that demand and profit from it? At the same time, the recession has made many trucking companies cautious about investing in new equipment due to the slow pace of the recovery. Used tractors make a great investment while lowering your overall risk.
  • Reefers are on the rise. Between increased interest in healthy food products that are fresh or frozen, increased indulgence in what became luxury foods during the recession and lower overall fuel costs, the demand for refrigerated shipping is remaining very strong. At the same time, the new e-logging regulations put driver time at a premium. This means you’ll need more trucks and drivers to keep your reefer trailers moving and profitable. Picking up a few used tractors help you stay ahead of the game.
  • The future has companies working together. A new trend that is sweeping strongly across all industries is digitization, which is shaking up the status quo. But one aspect of digitization that is appearing time and again is collaboration between businesses. Instead of operating strictly independently, you’ll form partnerships with companies up and down the supply chain to improve profitability, reduce fuel costs and create an overall better consumer experience. Used equipment is a great way to make these partnerships work for a lower investment.

By using the tractor classifieds to sell or buy equipment, you can make sure your business will continue to thrive even in the changing and unknown conditions facing the trucking industry. The classified ads on our site help you get the right price for the equipment you’re trying to buy or sell while giving you a longer time period that may otherwise be available through online services.

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