What are kinds of different used cranes for sale?

used cranes for sale

When you need to look for used cranes for sale to update or expand your operation, do you know what kind of crane you should be looking for? Sure, all cranes lift heavy or bulky objects, but sometimes knowing exactly which kind of crane you should use for your situation can allow your crew to work more effectively and efficiently. Let’s take a quick look at the different type of cranes that are available for your purposes.

What are kinds of different used cranes for sale?

  • Standard: A standardized crane is one that is required to be broken down to be transported. If you’ve seen a crane being carried by a big rig, this is usually the type of crane in question. It’s commonly used for construction and moving heavy or bulky objects in tight spaces, but doesn’t have a lot of mobility. It will require time to set up and break down to move it between locations.
  • Mobile: When you see a crane being driven down a road, that’s a mobile crane. This type of crane typically has a limit on how much weight it can lift and how far out from the crane cab and base. It will often include outriggers, pads that can be placed on the ground away from the crane using hydraulics to provide additional stability and security. Though they are somewhat limited in their use, this type of crane is very popular on construction sites due to its easy mobility.
  • Overhead: When you need to move very heavy material or objects, an overhead crane is a common option to consider. Often operated on tracks, this type of crane is supported by heavy I-beams, allowing it to pick an item straight up and then move it to one side or another. It’s a very popular type of crane in logistics, where ships, trains or tractor trailers need to be loaded or unloaded very quickly.
  • Aerial: An aerial crane is essentially a helicopter that has some higher level of lifting capacity than your typical pleasure, law enforcement or emergency response craft. The helicopter is rigged with a number of devices to help in the lifting process. This makes it a good option in very rough or remote terrain, where other forms of transportation are either too distant or unable to deal with the rugged terrain.
  • Crane Vessel: A crane vessel or floating crane offers a range of options near waterways. When a bridge is constructed or other project requires a crane in an area where there is fragile wetlands ecosystems or insufficient room to place or operate another type of crane, this type of crane is used. It’s mounted on a set of floats or a barge, which is then brought into position via a waterway.

As you can see, knowing what to look for when considering different used cranes for sale can make all the difference between getting a solid workhorse that will get the job done and trying to make due with a used crane that really isn’t intended for the task you have in mind. If you can’t find the right crane in your local area, why not take a look and see what online auctions or classified ads have available? The increased selection can help ensure you get the right crane for the job.

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