What Should You Look for When Inspecting Used Dozers for Sale?

used dozers for sale

Whether you’re in construction, quarry or other industry that demands solid equipment, there’s no doubt that buying used dozers for sale can provide you with significant savings. But one thing that often holds companies back from making these smart purchases is not knowing whether the bulldozer they’re looking at is a great buy or a real lemon. The easiest way to discover this is through an inspection. But what should you look at and what should it look like? Here’s how to tell:

What Should You Look for When Inspecting Used Dozers for Sale?

  • Start with the records. Does the seller have the original details of their purchase? Do they have a log of all the maintenance and repairs performed on the dozer? Do they have documentation of any kits or similar upgrades that show they keep the dozer’s performance within manufacturer’s specifications? You can learn a lot about how a dozer was handled just based on a few pieces of paper.
  • Do a walk around. Are there any liquids on the ground under the dozer? These could indicate a leak. Are there any signs of damage, such as repainted sections, dents or welded repairs? If so, make sure the repair will actually allow the dozer to function fully and doesn’t compromise its structural integrity. What about the undercarriage? Are there signs of abuse? If so, the dozer may not deliver on your expectations.
  • Check out the cab. Is the cab in good repair? Do the numbers on the meter seem reasonable for the cab’s condition? Is there more wear than you’d expect compared to the meter? If the meter and the condition of the controls don’t add up, the meter may have been tampered with. Ask for a reasonable explanation from the seller as to the cab’s condition if there’s a discrepancy.
  • Start it up. Does it start easily or require a lot of cranking to turn over? A problem with starting could represent system issues. Does the exhaust look normal, or is there a black or bluish tint to the smoke? This type of coloration could indicate that the engine is getting water or oil in the combustion chamber.
  • Crack the hood. Does the engine seem to be running normally? Are there any out of place vibrations, noises or knocking happening? These can indicate a number of different issues. Does the rubber on the hoses or belts seem to be in good condition? If it’s dry rotted or cracking, it could fail when you’re using it unless they’re replaced. Account for these numbers in your offer.
  • Check for movement. Put the dozer through its paces. Is it binding up at pivot points? Will it not reach the full range of motion because of hydraulics issues? When you’re inspecting a dozer that doesn’t have full range of motion, make sure you know the cause. If it’s repairable, make sure to include the cost in your offer for the equipment.

By taking the time to inspect used dozers for sale, you’re much less likely to end up with a lemon that just costs you money. But what if you’re considering buying a dozer online? The same areas can be inspected by requesting more photos, video or similar documentation of the dozer’s condition. Don’t let distance hold you back from making an awesome deal.

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