What are the Different Kinds of Used Dump Trucks for Sale?

used dump trucks for sale

When you’re looking at used dump trucks for sale, it’s easy to just pick the first one that comes along. But as with many aspects of heavy machinery, dump trucks come in a wide range of types, allowing you to select the best one for the job. However, you first need to know what different types are available and what kind of features you should watch for when making a purchase.

What are the Different Kinds of Used Dump Trucks for Sale?

  • Standard: When you think of dump trucks, this is almost always what comes to mind. It involves a standard truck chassis with a mounted rear dump body on the frame. It uses hydraulics at the front of the dump body to raise it up and dump the material out the back.
  • Semi Trailer End Dump: Working well to move large loads, this type consists of a┬ásemi and a two-axle trailer. The trailer incorporates a hydraulic hoist to dump the load out of the back of the trailer.
  • Transfer: A transfer truck has a standard dump truck with a trailer that has a removable cargo box. This allows the maneuverability of a standard truck with the additional capacity of the removable box. Once the load has been removed from the dump bed in the standard truck, the cargo container from the trailer can then be slid into the dump body for placement on site.
  • Truck and Pup: Similar to a transfer truck, a truck and pup is different in that the trailer dump box has its own hydraulic ram, allowing it to be unloaded independently. This cuts out the time required to transfer the trailer dump box into the standard dump truck’s box for unloading.
  • Superdump: Superdumps have an additional trailing axle in the rear of the body, allowing them to better spread weight out and increase the overall hauling weight of the truck.
  • Semi Trailer Bottom Dump: Much like a rear-dump semi tractor, a bottom dump has a standard semi with a specialized two-axle trailer that features a clamshell dump gate underneath the trailer, allowing it to dump material in a linear fashion.
  • Side Dump: A side dump works well in tight quarters, especially when filling road grades along side a new construction. Unlike rear dumps, they pivot the dump body on the long axis, allowing the material to be deposited to the side of the truck.
  • Winter Service: With the need to spread salt or sand as well as plow the roads, there’s very good reason why most winter service vehicles are based on the standard dump truck, with additional features for the plow in front and spreading material behind.
  • Roll-Off: A roll-off has the hoist and frame, but no box. Instead, it picks up removable containers, transfers and dumps them, then places them back on site or into storage.
  • Haul: Available in standard and articulated varieties, haul dumps are typically only used off road to move massive amounts of material. They can be used to haul up to 450 metric tons per load.

By looking at the different types of used dump trucks for sale, you can ensure you’re getting the right equipment for the project. At the same time, this allows you to work better and more efficiently than when you choose the wrong type of equipment for your job. But what if your ideal dump truck isn’t readily available in your area? Many people find online auctions or classifieds to be an excellent source of hard to find equipment.

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