Features to consider when looking at used excavators for sale

used excavators for sale

When you’re considering used excavators for sale, it’s easy to get caught up in just getting one purchased. But there are a number of features you should take into account before you sign on that dotted line! Here’s a quick look at common excavator features, why they’re important and what they can do for your business.

Features to consider when looking at used excavators for sale

  • To start with, what is the excavator based on? Some excavators are added to a standard tractor frame, typically using a three-point hitch and PTO. Others can include a dedicated backhoe on a tired frame while others use tracked crawlers to better maneuver in difficult environments. Keep your end use in mind when deciding on which base to go with.
  • Think about multiple modes. Some excavators have economy and power modes to conserve energy, while others have digging and lifting modes that help prioritize power to the particular areas of the excavator that need it for those functions. Looking for excavators that can adapt to different conditions give you more versatility in the field.
  • Consider attachments. Some excavators today have the ability to change out a large number of attachments. ┬áBut more recently, with the addition of more onboard electronics, you can now switch modes to deal with up to 20 different attachment types, allowing you to get the most out of every attachment you use on the job site.
  • Look for internal monitoring capability. Digitization is becoming a larger factor in construction, excavation and similar industries. Newer machines have sensors to monitor a number of areas, including temperature, strain on the frame and similar aspects. These in turn provide you with a little insurance to ensure the excavator isn’t abused on the job site.
  • Think about autonomy. Concerned that your workers won’t read the instruction manual or use the right mode when it’s needed? Some of the newest excavators on the market have a variety of autonomous features that allow the excavator to determine the right settings for the job at hand without external input.
  • Look for a great monitor. Sure, you’re never going to watch the Superbowl on the thing, but being able to get your sausage-fingered foreman to be able to use a touchscreen monitor readily, you’re going to want to look for a larger screen. In addition, a larger screen also often represents a better screen resolution, even when the screen in question isn’t a touchscreen, as it provides better clarity.
  • Get comfortable. The days of sitting for hours on a hard seat while reaching for awkward controls is past. When your workers spend all day in a cab, having an ergonomic layout, comfortable seats and easy to reach controls can make a big difference between a worker cutting corners, causing an accident, and an alert, aware worker who can spend a great deal of time just getting the job done.

By taking the time to consider features available on used excavators for sale, it’s much easier to ensure you get the machine you really want and will meet your needs down the road. Take a few minutes to prioritize what really matters, then start looking. If you can’t find the right excavator to meet your needs, today’s online auctions can provide you with all the information you need to make a smart buy.


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