Features to look for in used farm equipment for sale

used farm equipment for sale

Farming is a tough job, and sometimes it’s the little things that makes it worthwhile. Seeing the wonder in your children’s or grandchildren’s eyes as they help bring in the harvest. The joy of baby animals on the farm. But what about the little things that makes that challenging job a little easier? Here’s a quick look at features you may want to consider when you’re looking at used farm equipment for sale.

Features to look for in used farm equipment for sale

  • Efficiency of power. Adding electronics to your tractor may make it seem more complicated, but it also makes it more adaptable. From computer modeling of engine efficiency to adapting engine performance to catalytic converter output, it lowers your overhead to get more power from less fuel.
  • Smart guidance and steering. Sure, Matthew McConaughey used downed drones to pilot his tractors in Interstellar , but today’s tractors have both OEM and after-market guidance options available. Avoid overlap in planting, spraying and harvesting while saving your precious time and costly fuel in the process.
  • Data collection and application. Today’s ag equipment has both the option to collect data on your fields and the ability to use that data to improve yields while keeping your overhead low. As the next generation of precision agriculture, this technology can even allow you to monitor the progress and efficiency of all your equipment in the field.
  • Real-world ergonomics. Having your workspace laid out for the best possible comfort and wellness isn’t just the space of demon typists any longer. Many companies have been working to bring solid ergonomics out of the office and into the cab of your equipment. Larger touchscreen displays, moveable multi-purpose controls and grouping controls with similar functions help keep you moving.
  • Remote trouble-shooting. When your equipment breaks down in the field, do you just try a few things instead of hauling it into the dealership for service? Some companies have begun introducing GPS-based remote troubleshooting options on their equipment. Instead of trying several different things, know what’s actually wrong in a matter of moments and get the equipment fixed quickly and efficiently.
  • Consider software capabilities. Digitization is starting to hit agriculture hard, and one of the benefits is that software upgrades are replacing yesteryear’s hardware upgrades. With a quick connection to the internet, you can get more accurate crop yield figures to determine your profitability and overall productivity for the harvest.
  • Combine options. Relatively recent advances allow you to have zone-till and strip-till technologies in the same piece of equipment. Instead of having to buy more equipment to do the same job, imagine being able to only have the equipment you need with more adaptability to your farm’s needs.
  • Go blue – Bluetooth, that is. This popular connectivity option now allows you to link any number of different pieces of equipment, from your tractor to your cell phone. Whether you’re adding sensors to estimate yield or determine exactly where you need to spray, Bluetooth connectivity helps make the process easier.

Though at the end of the day, a tractor is just a tractor, the little features that make your job easier can make all the difference between a successful harvest and giving it up to move to town. When you’re looking at used farm equipment for sale, remember to watch for these features and rest easy knowing that tomorrow’s job may have just gotten a little bit easier.


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