Features to look for in used forestry equipment for sale

used forestry equipment

As the construction industry continues to grow, the demand for forestry products is also seeing significant growth. To take advantage of that growth, you may have been looking at used forestry equipment for sale. But with more workers having found employment, it’s become more expensive to hire new workers for your operation. One area where you can get more out of your logging equipment is by looking for features that boost your productivity. Here’s a quick look at what features you should look for in used forestry equipment to help get the most out of every man-hour.

Features to look for in used forestry equipment for sale

  • Crawlers versus wheels. When you’re moving a lot of lumber, the ground tends to get torn up. Using tracked crawlers to move around your logging site makes it much easier to prevent mudholes and places with poor traction. Because crawlers spread their weight out over a larger area, they tend to be gentler on nature as well.
  • Big-time multi-tools. Many manufacturers have taken the approach of the Swiss Army Knife, by making their equipment adaptable to a wide range of tools. Instead of having to have a separate piece of equipment for each job, you can simply have a variety of attachments. This also cuts down on the amount of engine maintenance you need to perform, as there are fewer powered machines to begin with.
  • Bigger is better. If you need a harvester that meets your minimum specifications, buying one that has a higher capacity or more horsepower helps ensure the equipment will last longer,¬†especially in tough terrain or with trees that are being problematic for some reason. It also gives you higher productivity per man-hour, cutting your labor costs while improving profitability.
  • Combine tasks. Many modern logging machines can actually do the work of many without having to change attachments. Equipment that can process an entire tree down into log lengths in a single process means you’re spending less time moving lumber or having to have your crew switch tasks. Just have them harvest and haul, while avoiding all the mess and extra machinery in the middle.
  • Take control. Today’s machinery cab looks less like heavy equipment and more like Captain Kirk’s command chair. From ergonomic design that keeps your crew working longer and multi-process electronics to joystick-controlled operations and computer input on cutting and performance optimization, everything is at the tips of your fingers.
  • Safety time. Let’s face it – forestry is dangerous work. Unlike older machinery in the past, modern equipment has rollover protection, low-ground-pressure undercarriages and self-leveling machinery. This helps not only drastically improve your crew’s safety record, but also prevents serious damage to expensive machinery.
  • Go digital. Digitization in your machinery helps you avoid breakdowns as sensors alert you to problems before they become big headaches. They also allow you to optimize your operation and improve your productivity while reducing your overhead, making your company more agile in a changing industry.

When you’re trying to get your logging operation back in the black after the recession’s slow recovery, every penny counts. When you look at used forestry equipment for sale, you can save money on the equipment itself and by having the right features to improve productivity. If you can’t find the equipment with the features you need in your area, why not take a look and see what’s available in an online auction?


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