Features to look for when buying used forklifts for sale

forklift appraisal

What features are you considering when looking at used forklifts for sale? Though it may seem as though almost any forklift would work for your situation, keeping an eye out for particular features can help improve productivity and profitability in your business.¬†But which features make more sense to keep in mind versus others? Here’s a quick overview to help you get started.

Features to look for when buying used forklifts for sale

  • Consider power. What will work best for your company? If your forklift work is entirely outdoors, you could put virtually any type of forklift motor into use. Many companies prefer diesel due to its long lifespan and torque, while others prefer LP for its clean-burning¬†efficiency. However, an indoor environment will require safety precautions be taken, making a quiet electric forklift the best option. But which type? AC motors tend to extend battery life, while DC motors prevent the loss of power during the conversion of DC battery power to AC.
  • What kind of environment are you working in? If it’s rough and dusty, you may want to look for a forklift that has heavily-treaded tires or tracks, better durability in the outdoors and an overall ruggedness of features. In general, if you’re dealing with especially rough terrain, a Class VII forklift will provide a long useful lifespan for the equipment in your business. For a clean, environmentally-controlled warehouse, you’ll be able to go with a much lighter weight piece of equipment.
  • Think about the type of work your forklift will do. If you’re only moving around a few pallets of lightweight material in a small space, something as simple as a pallet jack may do the job effectively. When you work with heavy loads, you may need to consider the strength of the overall machine in addition to seeking out a heavier-duty hydraulics system. Take a solid look at the equipment’s specs before making a purchase.
  • How high will you go? When your business has a growth spurt, being able to add a mezzanine or additional storage at a greater height makes your forklift’s mast height vital to future growth. If you’re considering an expansion down the road, looking for a forklift with a higher mast may be less expensive than having to purchase another machine down the road.
  • Where is your company going in the future? In general, even if you have no plans for future changes, getting a forklift that has capabilities beyond the absolute minimum. Why? Doing so will help ensure both a long equipment life as well as the added capacity if it’s needed down the road. Masts that can go higher, hydraulics that can handle heavier burdens and similar options also helps the forklift maintain its value better should you need to sell it in the future.

The features you look for when checking out used forklifts for sale can make a big difference between simply purchasing another piece of equipment to replace a failing one and one that will help build your business’ overall profitability. If your local area doesn’t provide a good enough selection of the features you want, have you tried looking online? The variety of media available makes remote inspection of prospective equipment much easier, helping you find the exact equipment you need for your company.


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