Some features to consider in used generators for sale

used generator for sale

Whether you’re preparing for or recovering from a hurricane, making accommodations for potential power outages or just need remote power at a job site or recreational area, used generators for sale can be a great way to power through any problem. But what features should you look for in potential generators? Part of the answer to that question is focused on what your need is for the machinery. Here’s a quick look at some common generator features and why they may be handy for your situation.

Some features to consider in used generators for sale

Generator Type

Are you bringing a small generator to the cabin for the weekend, powering tools on a job site or providing backup power for a large facility? The purpose you have for the generator may determine what type you need to purchase. A portable generator that is either lightweight or has wheels will make transportation easier. A trailer generator is a good option to provide more power at a job site or during an emergency to power a larger facility. A standby generator is typically built in place, often with its own fuel storage, so that it can be brought online when the power fails to provide energy to a large structure or one that has a high power demand.

Amount and Type of Power

Do you need to run a few small appliances, a furnace or an entire structure? The amount of power you’ll need is determined in watts. Once you’ve determined your entire load in watts, make sure you also calculate peak loads. With that information in hand, you can start looking at generators to see what the maximum surge load and sustained loads can be for it to operate effectively. Another option to consider is whether the generator can directly charge batteries or provide a direct current load. If your power load is light, running a generator to charge a small battery bank may work more efficiently than even a very small generator that must be run continuously.

Automatic Start

When it’s cold outside in January, is it worth saving a few dollars to have your generator automatically kick in when the power fails? If it isn’t, a generator that has an automatic start system can make all the difference between enjoying the warmth and having to trudge out to make it start. Automatic starting systems often detect the drop in line power and start the generator, causing no more than a fraction of a second between power loss and reacquisition in an emergency.

Fuel Type

What type of fuel will you use in your generator? Diesel generators are known for years of reliable service, but tend to run hotter than other fuel types. Gasoline generators use commonly-available fuels, but tend to fail more often and have issues with glazing if not emptied or stored properly. LP or natural gas provide options for quiet, clean operation, but are not as suitable for portable generators due to their fuel type.

By taking these issues into consideration when looking at used generators for sale, it’s much easier to find the exact equipment to fit your needs. Other areas to consider include maintenance and repairs done to the generator, the reputation of the brand and the overall condition of the equipment. If you can’t find what you need locally, remember that online auctions are a great place to find the right equipment for the right price.


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